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The Stereotypical Meal That Represents Your State, According to Reddit


Smoked chicken with white sauce best represents Slammin’ Alabama. For those that don’t live in Alabama, the white sauce is a BBQ sauce made of mayo, apple cider vinegar, apple juice, mustard, and horseradish (among other spices).

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Alaska? Of course, it has to be grilled salmon. In 2017 alone, Alaska produced about $678.8 million worth of salmon, so this is a huge thing for the state.


If you’re going to eat your way through Arizona, you’ll have to eat two things. The first is Sonoran hotdogs. The second food you’re gonna have to chow down on is Carne Asada tacos. Not a bad combo if you ask us.  


The Arkansan morning starts off great by eating biscuits with chocolate gravy. You’re really missing out if you haven’t had this one. While it isn’t a meal, cheese dip is also pretty huge in this state—there’s even a competition every year for it!


California has pretty much every dish under the sun, so what could possibly define this giant state? Street tacos. Burritos are a close second, but you can’t go 200 feet without being able to order street tacos.


Ah, Colorado. The joke answer for this one would be Rocky Mountain Oysters. That’s not what the locals eat, though. The real answer is green chile cheese fries—preferably purchased from Good Times. No restaurant makes green chile cheese fries better than Good Times.

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Connecticut is situated on the coast, so it was def going to be something seafood. Nothing defines Connecticut better than New Haven-style clam pizza. For those outside of the state, it may sound gross, but it’s worth trying at least once.  


Delaware loves its scrapple. Of course, you don’t talk about what’s in the scrapple. Just try it, and you’ll probably fall in love. Delaware is perfectly personified by a scrapple, egg, and cheese sandwich on a toasted pretzel bun.

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Florida is so close to Cuba, so it has a pretty big Cuban population. That’s precisely why Cuban sandwiches are popular. Cuban coffee is pretty delicious too, but it isn’t a meal (unless you’re on the run).  


Georgia, aka the Peach State, would have a peach cobbler as its meal, but no matter how hard we try, peach cobbler isn’t a meal. Instead, biscuits and gravy were chosen. Gotta say, just thinking of a good plate of biscuits and sausage gravy is enough to get our mouths watering.


If you’ve never been to Hawaii, then you may be surprised to know that Hawaiians absolutely adore spam. They eat it however they can. For this state’s dish, users picked pan-fried slices of spam, steamed rice, and scrambled eggs. Even McDonald’s sells this dish!

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What’s plentiful in Idaho other than potatoes? Uh, elk! That’s why Idaho’s dish is elk steak with huckleberry compote, sautéed morel mushrooms, and roasted potatoes. Whoever came up with this dish must be a fantastic chef!

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Illinois has so many options. Chicago hotdog? A good contender, but it wasn’t what won. The winner was an Italian beef and sausage combo sandwich. Bonus points if it’s dipped in some kind of gravy!

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Indiana and Iowa have this weird feud about the origin of the pork tenderloin. That being said, Indiana’s representative dish is 100% a Hoosier breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. It’s super tasty, so it’s no wonder it’s famous there.


Iowa also has to have a tenderloin sandwich, you know. To add to that, it’s also a sandwich – a fried pork tenderloin on a bun. Iowa does have one thing that Indiana doesn’t have though: Scotcheroos. Yes, please!

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Kansas doesn’t mess around when it comes to food. Portions are big and smothered. So, their state dish is a chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes covered in gravy. When we say covered in gravy, we mean slathered.  


Kentucky loves some Hot Brown. What is it? A Hot Brown is a sandwich that was created in Louisville in 1926—now that’s some history. Of course, there’s a ton of variations, but it’s most commonly turkey and bacon covered in Mornay sauce.


Laissez les bon temps rouler! Louisiana definitely knows how to let the good times roll, especially since it’s home of Cajun cuisine. The state’s dish had to reflect this in some way, and Reddit users felt like nothing was better than a good pot of gumbo.


Maine, home of lobster, had to have a lobster in its dish. Reddit users (who were a group of Mainers) decided that a steamy lobster bake best represented the state. The side? Let’s just throw some clams in there.  

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If you’re in Maryland, you make Maryland-style crab feast. Other than crab, the most important ingredient is Old Bay Seasoning. Put those crabs on some paper, steam them up, and add a nice cold one. That’s a Maryland dinner.  

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There are a lot of dishes that exemplify Massachusetts. You could eat a lobsta roll or some baked beans. Or, you could just get yourself some clam chowder. Maine beats out Massachusetts lobster (sorry, Mass), but nothing beats Massachusetts clams.


Is your mouth watering at the idea of Michigan pasties? Well, it should. These meat pies are literally one of the state’s best inventions. Plus, you can eat it on the go. Although we’re going to warn you, the taste may make your knees weak.  


This one was tough. While some users said chicken wild rice soup, others said tater tot hotdish. We’re going with the latter since it’s quintessentially Minnesota. If you’re looking for a little more, a tater tot hotdish goes great with a Jucy Lucy.  


Mississippi is fun to spell, but it’s also fun to eat foods from the state! For this place, users decided you’d have to eat catfish with fries and hushpuppies. You get bonus points if you add a side of collard greens and black-eyed peas.


Missouri is home to St. Louis, which has some of the best BBQ in the country. That’s why Missouri’s dish is also synonymous with BBQ burnt ends. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention toasted ravioli. Time to visit Mama Toscano’s!


Montana is big and sprawling, which is a perfect habitat for bison. And bison? They’re perfect for eating. Montana is known for its delicious bison burgers, so that dish represents the state. Then, for dessert, you could have some huckleberry cobbler.


Nebraska’s dish is known as a runza. It doesn’t look too great, but it’s like drunk food—it’s mouth-wateringly good. Runza is a bread pocket filled with beef, cabbage (or sauerkraut), onions, and tons of seasonings. One taste, and you’ll be hooked.

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Nevada has to have something interesting, right? Users decided that Nevada’s dish was shrimp cocktail and prime rib. Being home of Las Vegas, it’s honestly not a surprise that this meal is what people think of when they hear “Nevada.”

New Hampshire

New Hampshire wants to say that its dish would be poutine, but that’s stolen from their northern neighbors. Sorry, New Hampshire. Still, its dish is just as good. Users decided blueberry pancakes with fresh maple syrup should be the meal that exemplifies the state.  

New Jersey

New Jersey is Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a bagel. Sprinkle a little salt, pepper, and squeeze some ketchup on it, and you’ve got yourself the perfect sandwich. Depending on where you live in Jersey, your Taylor ham might also be served as a pork roll.  

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New Mexico

New Mexico has some of the best Mexican food you’ll ever eat in your life, so it has to be something related. Ever heard of Carne adovada? Its pork simmered in a thick sauce of New Mexican chiles, garlic, oregano, and tons of spices.

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New York

New York may be small, but it’s got a huge, diverse food scene. Upstate New Yorkers felt like their food was a garbage plate. It sounds gross, but it’s so, so, so good. Other users felt like New York should claim pizza, and rightfully so. New York pizza is some of the best pizza out there.  

North Carolina

The south (yes, North Carolina is technically the south) knows how to do pulled pork so well that it’ll make you want to move there. North Carolina is particularly good at pulled pork sandwiches with BBQ sauce made with vinegar. On the side, you have to have some hushpuppies and coleslaw.

North Dakota

North Dakota is home of fry bread tacos. If you’ve had a regular taco, you should try the fry bread version because it beats a regular tortilla any day of the week. You could make it at home, but local North Dakota fry bread can’t be beaten.


If you’re in Ohio, you can’t leave without eating some pierogis (particularly if you’re in the greater Cleveland area). This is mostly thanks to the huge Polish-American population, who’s moms, dad, grandmas, and grandpas brought over traditional recipes.  


Oklahoma is known for two things: tornados and chicken fried steak. On the side of your white-gravy-slathered chicken fried steak, you need to have mashed potatoes and green beans. To wash it down, drink some ice-cold sweet tea.


Oregon is the hipster-est state in the nation, so it had to have something equally as bougie. Users felt like Oregon was best defined by a cedar plank grilled salmon with a marionberry glaze. Extra? Yes. It does sound absolutely delish though.


Pennsylvania is home to the original south Philly cheesesteak. Actually, Philly has two famous cheesesteak places that are literally across the street from each other. You can eat at Geno’s or Pat’s. They’re both pretty dang good, so you can’t go wrong with what you choose.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a toughie, but users decided on clear clam chowder with clam cakes and a Narragansett beer. Clear clam chowder is a local delicacy which is preferred over Boston’s thick and creamy version.  

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South Carolina

South Carolina surprisingly didn’t choose any typical southern dish. Instead, they chose she-crab soup. It’s similar to a bisque made with crab (duh), heavy cream, and sherry. While delicious, we’re still surprised at this choice.

South Dakota

South Dakota picked chislic. For those of us who don’t live in the state, let us explain. Chislic is a traditional dish made with cubed lamb or mutton. Of course, if deer is in season, it can be made with that, too.  

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Tennessee is home to two huge music cities, Nashville and Memphis. Those two cities are also famous for BBQ, so users decided pulled pork and dry-rubbed ribs were the perfect dish for them. Gotta say, we agree whole-heartedly.


Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the food! If you’re going to get a taste of Texas, you have to eat some smoked brisket with a slice of white bread, white onion, and pickled jalapenos. Now that’s good eatin’.   

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Utah had a few different choices. Green Jello was a top answer, albeit a joke one. At the end of the day, users decided beef stroganoff with green beans were the best dish. Funeral potatoes are also pretty huge there, but don’t be freaked out by the title—funeral potatoes are pretty dang good.  

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Vermont is all about their cheese, so it has to be something super cheesy. Users decided on apple grilled cheese with Cabot cheddar. Afterward, grab yourself some ample creemee (or soft-serve, for those uninitiated).


Virginia’s gotta be that salty Virginia ham! Grab yourself a slice or two with some flat green beans and baked apples. The ham has to be really dry and salty, to the point where it’s basically self-stable.

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Washington may be gloomy, but their food isn’t. The meal that says “Washington” is a cedar-planked teriyaki salmon. Some will tell you that you don’t put teriyaki on salmon, but they’re wrong because it tastes like heaven.

West Virginia

West Virginia was tough. While buckwheat pancakes were a top contender, users decided that the meal should be a country fried steak with green beans. To drink, you have to have sweet tea or beer. If you want a starter, get some pepperoni rolls.


A ton of people felt like Wisconsin is none other than beer brats with fried onions and sauerkraut (and cheese curds, personally). On the side, grilled sweet corn is a must. After eating this meal, you’ll feel like a true Wisconsinite.  


Wyoming may be last in an alphabetical state list, but it isn’t last in food. Like other states in the area, elk is huge. Wyoming likes to make burgers out of elk and serve it up with a side of potatoes and salad. Count us in!

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