These 40 Celebrities Really Love Their Religion

How often do you pray or go to church? If you’re like most of America, religion is a huge part of your life. It may be hard for some to live their lives without believing in a higher power, and we understand that. Do you think celebs do the same thing? There’s a huge gap between celebs which make us forget that they’re real people like everyone else.

When we think of our favorite celebrities, we often associate them with the various characters they play in some of our favorite movies as opposed to actual human beings with their own unique thoughts, ideas, upbringing, lives, and religious beliefs. Plus, Hollywood has become extremely liberal over the past couple of decades or so. It honestly seems like it’s no longer "cool" for anyone in Hollywood to believe in a higher power (much less express that belief to the rest of the world). That makes it incredibly easy for us to assume that the vast majority of celebrities don't openly belong to any specific religion.

Fortunately, that’s not true. There are plenty of celebs who believe in a higher power and are known for praying to whatever god they believe in. From Marky Mark and Prince to Natalie Portman and Chris Pratt, there's a pretty big number of stars who do embrace the holy lifestyle, openly and even proudly. That’s pretty shocking in a place like Hollywood! Heck, some have even been photographed visiting church on Sunday, while others have discussed their religion in interviews or acceptance speeches.

From Christians to Buddhists to everything else in-between, the world of celebrities represents a pretty diverse cross-section of religious beliefs. Here is a list of 40 stars whose spiritual ties may surprise you!

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