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Top 10 Websites for Playing Sports Online

Not everyone excels at sports, and you can’t play sports year-round, but thankfully you can get your sports fix online. You can become a pro playing games right on your browser for free! Here are the top 10 free websites for playing sports games from all over the internet.

  1. Soccer
    If you love playing soccer but can’t get a team together to play in person, you can still have fun playing Soccer Games. Whether you call it football or soccer, you’ll love this site. It has more than 40 soccer games available, each with its own rules and goals. 
  2. WWE
    Wrestling is great, but you can’t participate like you want to. If you’re looking for games that involve your favorite wrestlers, then get ready to rumble! On the WWE website, there are several games you can play with all of your favorite wrestlers, including older names such as Sting. Recall favorite moments and make your own epic battles right on this website. 
  3. Football
    Sorry soccer fans, but we’re talking about American Football! If you’re looking for tackling fun, then look no further. On, you can play your favorite teams in some of the craziest games imaginable. Each game will have its own tasks, so explore all of them. There are over 30 to choose from, so you're bound to find something that will entertain you. 
  4. Snowboarding
    Snowboarding is impossible when you don’t have snow. Whether you’re in a tropical climate or you just don’t feel like taking to the slopes, this website will give you your snowboarding fix. At Snowboard Games, you can do flips and tricks to earn points in over 30 games. You can play as Shaun White, Scooby Doo, or Sonic. 
  5. Golf
    Playing golf isn’t always possible, especially since it requires a lot of space, but you can play more than 18 holes online. At, you can experience the fun of more than 35 games, each with new courses you’ve never seen before. The website even includes retro games you can’t find anywhere else. 
  6. Tennis
    Tennis is a pretty hard game when you get down to it. Sure, you’re just hitting a ball back and forth, but it takes skill and prowess. You can sharpen your skills online against a computer at Here, you can play against several computer opponents in an exhibition or tournament. The controls are pretty simple, but the game is not.
  7. Baseball
    Baseball isn’t in season, but you can play it online any time you want. Put on your baseball cap and get ready for some exciting games at Free Online Baseball Games. Here you can play several games, including some with your favorite teams. Browse the most popular or find your new favorite game and spend hours loading the bases. Smack home runs and show these games who the champion is!
  8. Basketball
    Basketball has never been more fun. On, you can play your favorite teams against each other and take other teams down. You can take quizzes, throw free throws, or toss three-pointers with glorious precision. Whether you want to play retro games with older themes or take on Kobe Bryant, you’ll love this website.
  9. Rugby
    For all you rugby fans out there, we have you covered. One of the most underappreciated sports out there is available to play online right at Rugby Games. Here you can play several games with actual rugby rules. Play teams you recognize or unique characters. Each game offers its own challenges, and you’ll want to play for hours.
  10. Hockey
    You don’t have to live in Canada to enjoy hockey, and it doesn’t have to be hockey season for you to have fun! You can play several hockey games right at This website allows you to play against teams you know, whether you play with a full team or three-on-three, and it offers more than 40 games you’ll love.
Last Updated: January 25, 2016