Wanda Sykes at an event.

Wanda Sykes' 5 Funniest Moments

Wanda Sykes’ birthday is coming up, so we thought it would be appropriate to take a look at some of her funniest moments to remind you just how hilarious she is. She's also a pretty good person too.
Warning: some profanity.

  1. She loves animals, even if some of them are racist.
  2. Her kids are funny too.
  3. She takes her humor to real people, not restricting it to stage and screen. Take for instance this hilarious prank call she pulls on a towing company.
  4. She even took her humor to the Whitehouse, becoming the first African-American woman and first openly gay comedian to perform at the Correspondents’ Dinner.
  5. She beat the early stages of breast cancer, kept her sense of humor, and, in talking about it, shares some solid life advice.
Last Updated: March 06, 2015