Which of Your Favorite TV Shows Are Renewed, Canceled, or TBD

Will we see another season of our favorite show? It’s a question that we have every spring, and many of us wait with bated breath for the results. After all, we get attached to our favorite TV shows. We tune in or catch them on streaming channels soon after the new season debuts. That being said, networks don’t always keep a show, even if it’s doing well! Sometimes, we’re forced to see our favorite series canceled. At that point, other networks and streaming services have the ability to pick it up, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, they’re just gone for good.

On this list, we’ve included which TV shows have been renewed, which ones have been canceled, and which ones' futures are currently still up in the air. Several of our favorite shows managed to avoid the ax and get another season. Heck, some of them even got renewed for two more seasons!

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