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Why Beth Chapman Called Her Cancer the "Ultimate Test of Faith"

Beth and Dog

Beth and Duane "Dog" Chapman are best known for their hit TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, which initially aired in 2004 and ran until 2012. The two and their team hunted down wanted felons from their base state in Hawaii to their home state in Colorado. The two have faced more than their fair share of difficulties, but none quite like this.

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Early Beginnings

Beth became the youngest licensed bail bondsman in Colorado history at the age of 29. Though her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman, would eventually go on to break this record at the age of 19.

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Family Life

Not including her stepchildren, Beth has had four children: Dominic Smith and Cecily Chapman both from previous relationships, Bonnie Jo Chapman and Garry Chapman with her husband, Duane. Beth and Duane have been married for a little over 12 years.

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September 2017

Beth's fight with cancer first manifested in September of 2017. Beth noticed something was off with her health, and after visiting a doctor, it was discovered she had stage II throat cancer. She later underwent a 13-hour surgery, after which she was found "cancer free" by her doctors.

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A Year Later

After a year of recovering, the Chapmans had another scare in November of 2018. Beth was experiencing breathing problems and returned to the doctor for the blockage in her throat.

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The Cancer Returns

She announced the news to her adoring fans on Instagram: her cancer had returned.

Chapman underwent emergency surgery to remove the mass, but they feared that the cancer had moved to her lungs. The entire mass was completely removed from her throat by the end of this emergency surgery, but they later found that the cancer had indeed moved to her lungs.

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Starting Chemo

Beth began 2019 with chemo treatments, posting a picture to her personal Instagram to reassure her fans.

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First Public Appearance

On Mother's Day, Beth made her first public appearance since the reemergence of her cancer. She gave a moving speech at the Source Church in Bradenton, Florida, where she briefly spoke about her health. She also revealed that she had decided to stop chemotherapy treatments during this appearance, stating, "Sorry, that's not for me."

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The Ultimate Test of Faith

During her Mothers Day speech, Chapman said she considers her cancer "the ultimate test of faith" because it is a lesson—though she acknowledges that the lesson may not necessarily be for her. "It will either be taught to me or you, and I am fine with taking the hit for everyone else...Because I think I know another guy who did the same thing."

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Fans React to the News

After her Mother's Day speech and announcing her decision to stop chemo reached the public, fans quickly took to social media to plead with Beth to continue her treatment.

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Remaining Positive

Beth then made it clear that she will accept what may come from this decision. She continues to focus on being positive and focusing on enjoying her time with her family.

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Mother's Day After the Speech

After her Mother's Day speech that shocked her fans, Beth celebrated with her family. Her Mother's Day was filled with love and laughter as she posted a photo of her posing with her son, saying on Instagram "This guy had my laughing all weekend what a joy to be around thank you god for blessing me with such a kind young man."

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2 Corinthians 12:9-10

"My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness." Faith has been a major anchor for Chapman and her family through this trying time. To help her get through and remain positive, she's posted several scripture quotes onto her Instagram, including this one from 2 Corinthians.

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Dog's Loyalty

Dog has been by Beth's side, and she's made it clear that she sincerely appreciates his continued support. She posted a photo of her husband on her personal Instagram saying "He has been by my side non stop since this happened strong and encouraging me every day!" and that "It's a love worth fighting for!"

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Celebrating Family

Beth hasn't let her cancer stop her, celebrating Father's Day and her daughter Cecily's 26th birthday.

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What Happens Now?

Beth and Dog were set to return to the small screen in October 2019 with their new show Dog's Most Wanted on WGN America.

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Back in the Hospital

On June 23, 2019, Chapman was admitted to a Hawaii hospital and placed into a medically induced coma for reasons currently unknown. On June 26, 2019, Chapman died at age 51.

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Her Husband's Final Goodbye

Duane Dog Chapman tweeted this message announcing his wife's death on June 26, 2019.

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Final Words

In the aftermath of his wife’s sudden passing, Duane Chapman has addressed the public. He’s said it’s been hard, returning home and it being empty. He says he still finds little notes left by her, joking “Beth was somewhat of a control person — not from the grave but from heaven… I’m sure she’s still controlling me, and I’ve got notes in my pillowcases, on my sink, in my shaving thing. She’s still telling me what to wear.”

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