Gary Oldman smiling.

Why Does Gary Oldman not Have an Oscar?

Actors and actresses usually end up being typecast at some point in their career, like Katherine Heigl as the uptight, love-hating woman who gets her world turned upside down by a man, or Adam Sandler as the immature, but somehow successful man who goofily fumbles his way through life and into a good woman’s arms. Yet, Gary Oldman is not one of those actors. He has played a vampire, an innocent, good-hearted man convicted of murder, a reverend, and a disfigured pedophile, among many more. How has this man not won an Oscar yet?!

Mason Verger - Hannibal

Completely unrecognizable in this film, Oldman plays a creepy pedophile and the only victim of Hannibal Lecter’s who survived. Its actually quite hard to find sympathy for him as a victim since Oldman portrays this child molester so well.

Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg - The Fifth Element

Gary Oldman shines in this film with an all-star cast, including Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. He portrays a weapons dealer who is secretly working with The Ultimate Evil, while Bruce Willis’ character, Korben, is trying to stop him.

Emmett Foley - Chattahoochee

Emmett Foley is a Korean War hero who attempts suicide upon his return to the United States. So, he is sent to a corrupt mental hospital where the staff tortures their patients. Foley fights against them and attempts to reform the mental health system for the good of all.

Stansfield - Leon: The Professional

While he does not play the title role in this movie, he plays Stansfield, the corrupt DEA agent who has a little girl’s family murdered. That girl, Mathilda, is taken in by an assassin who then trains her to hopefully kill Stansfield and avenge her family.

Sirius Black - Harry Potter Series

Oldman plays Sirius Black, who is thought to be a murderer and the person who betrayed Harry’s parents, which ultimately led to their demise. Eventually it comes out that he is innocent and always had the Potter’s best interests at heart. Thanks to Gary Oldman’s acting chops, this character completely steals our hearts.

Last Updated: March 23, 2015