A young mother opening a bad present

10 Gifts No Mom Wants on Mother’s Day

It can be difficult to figure out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, especially if your mom isn’t one to ask for things. Instead of floundering around trying to find the perfect gift, let us steer you away from the bad presents. Trust us - these ten things are not on your mother’s wishlist.

  1. Kitchen Appliances
    Unless you plan to make her a smoothie with that expensive blender every morning, then do not purchase her a present that involves more cooking. It’s just one more thing for your mom to clean.
  2. A Gym Membership or Workout Equipment
    That’s a hint she doesn’t want to receive on Mother’s Day. This day should be about pampering and honoring her, and pressuring her to lose weight doesn’t fit that bill.
  3. Fake Flowers
    If you can’t spring for real flowers then just avoid flowers all together. Fake flowers won’t make her feel special. In fact, they’re just one more place for dust to collect in her house.
  4. A Vacuum Cleaner
    Yes, Mom might need a new vacuum cleaner, but Mother’s Day isn’t the day to give her one. Unless you’re also giving her the gift of vacuuming for her, it’s a terrible idea.
  5. A Pet
    Pets can be cute and adorable, especially when they’re babies, but the work that goes into owning a pet is no joke. If she specifically asks for a puppy or kitten, then go for it. Otherwise, don’t even think about it.
  6. Homemade Coupons
    Yes, they might seem cute, but you’re still making Mom constantly ask for what she needs. You can clean the house or bring her breakfast in bed without being told to do so.
  7. Cash
    Don’t just hand her a wad of cash. That doesn’t show much thought or effort, it just means you drove by an ATM on the way home. Try a gift card to her favorite shop instead. Remember: make the gift meaningful.
  8. Anything that says “#1 Mom”
    This is kind of like getting a teacher a mug with apples on it.
  9. A Shout Out on Social Media
    This isn’t a present. I know it seems sweet, but your mom doesn’t want it. If you’ve purchased her something and already delivered it then go ahead and make that pic collage. Please choose flattering pictures, though.
  10. A Self-Help Book
    No books about “How to Be a Better Mom” or any kind of relaxation books. Most moms need to be encouraged by their families, not torn down, and a self-help book purchased by someone else definitely doesn’t feel like a compliment.
Last Updated: May 04, 2015