Family on a picnic

10 Great Things to Do This Weekend with Your Kids

With all of the entertainment devices out there, it can be hard to spend time actually doing things with your children on the weekends. Being together creates fun, memorable times to look back on in the future. Here are 10 great things to do with your kids during a family weekend getaway.

  1. Visit an arcade.
    With all of the new video games out there, it can be fun to show your children where games started. Arcades are a great way to teach your kids games you grew up on such as Gauntlet, Frogger, and others. Many arcades even have air hockey and several multiplayer games that allow you to play alongside your children.
  2. Try a new restaurant.
    Nothing is better than trying new foods with your family. It’s one of the best ways to experience a new culture together, whether it’s Thai, Russian, Italian, or Greek. The best way to introduce a new place is through food, as it reveals so much about a culture. Pick a new, delicious restaurant for the weekend and try as many different foods as you can.
  3. Go to a zoo.
    Zoos are fantastic places to learn about animals that children will probably never see in the wild. These locations specialize in teaching kids about animals while immersed in a fun environment. Many zoos are even complete with a petting area where kids can feed and pet goats, sheep, and pigs.
  4. Go on a picnic.
    One of the most enjoyable things about a beautiful weekend is the free time spent outside. Instead of taking a weekend getaway, pack a healthy lunch and visit a local park for a picnic. You and your family can play on the playground, enjoy nature, or play frisbee—all while soaking up some sun! This will shake up your routine enough to be something fun and different without the expense of a long getaway.
  5. Attend a sports game.
    Whether it’s at a local high school, college, or stadium, enjoying a sports game is a fun way to spend time with your children. Basketball, football, and baseball games offer exciting environments children absolutely adore. You don’t have to spend lots of money for a fun afternoon out.
  6. Volunteer for charity.
    Volunteering is a significant way to teach people about life. Whether you’re planting a garden or volunteering to feed the homeless, you can spend time with your kids while you both learn about ways to help other people. Toddlers can even participate by pulling weeds and doing other easy tasks.
  7. Plan a treasure hunt.
    Planning your own little treasure hunt can be super-fun for everyone involved. The actual treasure can be toys, but the cherished moments happen on the journey to find them. You can incorporate whatever you want—learning, arts, and more. It’s completely customizable, and you and your family can do it anywhere.
  8. Cook together.
    No matter the age of your children, you can plan a delicious meal that allows everyone to participate. Smaller children can mix salads, and older teenagers can chop food. Getting in touch with food helps children to learn to cook while being taught the process between the freezer and the plate. There’s also plenty of creativity involved—make whatever you want!
  9. Begin a new hobby.
    Spending time with your children doesn’t have to involve a one-shot activity. One of the greatest things the family can do is start a new hobby. Horseback riding, painting, coin collecting, and model building are just a few of the fun things everyone can do together.
  10. Have a classic game night.
    Playing classic games can be incredibly fun, and most of them can be purchased for fairly cheap. Games such as Uno, Monopoly, Life, and Clue are entertaining and easy for most children to learn. You can even include more strategic games such as Risk. These games teach problem-solving skills and, in the case of Monopoly, handling money.
Last Updated: June 08, 2017