10 Reasons Parents Should Be Substitute Teachers

Schools are always in need of substitute teachers to step in when teachers aren't able to be there. Some parents enjoy working as a substitute teacher at their child’s school.  If your child is in school it’s worth looking into substituting opportunities. Here are ten reasons you should substitue teach:

  1. It’s convenient.
    Subsitute teaching at your child's school works well when you take your child to school. There are no extra stops, and your child doesn't have to wait on you to pick them up after school. 
  2. It’s flexible.
    You can choose the days that you want to substitute. If you’re busy you can just turn it down, but never cancel last minute unless it’s an emergency. It will frustrate the teachers and administrators and leave a bad impression.
  3. You can make some extra money.
    Substitute teachers make around $80 per day on average, but it varies quite a bit by state. If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree you can make more.
  4. It gives you a chance to connect with students at your child’s school.
    You can meet the other children that your child spends time with. This allows you to determine which children you want your son or daughter to avoid and which ones you'd like them to be friends with.
  5. You'll get to know the teachers.
    Most substitute teachers ask for advice and help from other instructors throughout the day. It will give you a chance to know them personally and develop relationships.
  6. You'll have contact with the principal and administration.
    Principals and administrators are very busy people because of the nature of their jobs. It can be difficult as a parent to get more friendly with your administration team due to that. As a substitute, you'll have a chance to see their leadership styles and learn how the other teachers feel about them.
  7. It will give you a chance to see the culture of the school.
    That might sound silly, but the culture of the school affects the working environment and the way teachers feel about their jobs. You can see if your child's school is a positive learning environment or not. This gives you inside information in case you're considering changing schools.
  8. It gives you experience with the curriculum.
    While you won't be leading normal lessons as a substitute teacher, you will still have a chance to see what the kids are studying.
  9. It gives you a chance to check in on your child.
    This is especially helpful when your child has been acting up in class. Just knowing that you are in the building and able to stop in at any time can lead your child to behave properly.
  10. You can give back to the school.
    Substitute teaching can be a thankless job, but it's still important. If a school doesn't have an adequate number of substitutes then teachers may have to come to school sick or miss important professional development opportunities. Subs are necessary for a school run efficiently , and it benefits the school to have qualified subs ready to help out.

Depending on the school district, some minor training or workshops are required for substitute teaching. They will also perform background checks, and check references to make sure you are qualified to work with children. The process varies by state and school, but it's typically pretty easy and the school can direct you in the process.