kids who like allergy-friendly Halloween treats

15 Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats (That Don't Suck!)

I can still remember the first Halloween I wore a pair of fake vampire teeth as a kid. I placed Dracula's dentures into my mouth and felt the insatiable thirst for blood, only to be followed by the sheer horror of actually tasting blood when the sharp edges cut my gums. The fact of the matter is that many non-food Halloween treats suck, and not in a fun vampire way.

Fortunately, movements such as the Teal Pumpkin Project are spreading the word about fun food alternatives that are safe for trick-or-treaters who suffer from severe and life-threatening food allergies. Put the following trinkets and toys on your Halloween shopping list to bring smiles to little faces hidden under ghostly sheets, all while preventing any unplanned hospital trips.

1. Smashmallow Malloween Pack

These individually wrapped marshmallows are made without using artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives. Smashmallow is free from gluten, soy, corn, dairy, and egg ingredients, and they contain no nuts! It is worth noting that the production line does share a facility with products that do contain these ingredients, however. But for the most part, this is one food item that is perfect for nearly everyone.


2. Child-friendly jewelry

Non-food items may be your safest best when it comes to providing something that's allergy friendly. Any princess who frequents your door would love an addition to her Halloween ensemble.

3. Glow sticks

Glow sticks have the dual benefit of being both fun and a way to keep your child visible after the sun goes down.


4. Washable markers

It may not be as fun as candy, but markers will last longer than Halloween night (with no sugar crash after use)!

5. Mini coloring books

What good are markers without something to markup?

6. Crayons

Crayons are also an easy choice for budding creative minds.


7. Yo-yos

Not only are yo-yos entertaining, but they're also a STEM educational tool. You're never too young to learn about axles and kinetic energy!

8. Miniature Slinkies

Miniature slinkies fit easier into Halloween bags, and they don't get tangled as easily. Win-win.

9. Stickers & Tattoos

If you can find some stickers of popular costume characters, Batman can wear a Batman tattoo. Superwoman can sport a Superwoman tattoo!

10. Bubbles

Did you know glow-in-the-dark bubbles exist? Now you do. You might even want to keep some for yourself.

Bubbles 1

11. Bouncy balls

You get bonus points if it lights up when you bounce it!

12. Whistles

Kids love whistles. Parents...not so much. But they won't lose a whistling child on a dark Halloween night.

13. Kazoos

The first instrument of millions of kids everywhere. We all had to start somewhere before we graduated to bigger and better things.

the Spinto Band  Kazoo

14. Mini rubber stamps

There's something about the tactile nature of stamping that kids just love, no matter what the stamp is of! (oops that rhymed)

15. Toy cars

Like many other of the items on this list, toy cars will provide hours of enjoyment long after the night of Halloween is over.

Last Updated: October 23, 2018