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15 Most Stunning Dog Breeds

French Bulldog

A cross between an English bulldog and French ratter, this loyal and friendly pet has a squatty body, erect ears, and a round face with deep folds that droop around a snub nose. French bulldogs, known affectionately as "Frenchies" by fans, first appeared in the 1800s and have maintained their popularity since then. Despite their gruff bulldog origins, these cuties actually require lots of human contact and affection to thrive.

They make excellent family pets and generally get along well with other dog breeds. While they can be taught to tolerate other common household pets, like cats, they are generally not as friendly with different species as with other dogs. The average Frenchie lifespan is eight to ten years, and, like many other dog breeds with snub noses, they can suffer from some respiratory problems. 

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The face of this wiry haired breed looks part thoughtful monkey and part cat. Originally from Germany, these dogs were bred to hunt and kill rats.

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More commonly known as a Mexican Hairless dog, this breed has oversized bat-like ears and a broad skull. It is one of the oldest dog breeds and was considered sacred by the Aztecs.

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Brussels Griffin

Named for its city of origin, the Brussels Griffon is a toy breed that is inquisitive. When he tilts his snubbed nose head and sticks out his broad chin, you can almost see the question in his eyes.

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Reminiscent of a rag mop, the Hungarian Komondor has the thickest fur of any canine. This large breed averages 30 inches tall! Think oversized rag mop puppy and you've got the picture.

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Bull Terrier

With a wide body, thin oval head, tiny eyes, and pointy ears, the Bull Terrier paints an odd portrait. An independent and stubborn breed, these dogs are best for experienced owners.

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Merle Mudi

These lively, intelligent herding dogs with piercing eyes look like wildness embodied, especially when their coat is a marbled mixture of black and white.

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African Painted Dog

Members of the genus Lycaon family, rather than the Canis, these endangered dogs run wild in packs. They have disproportionately large ears, a heart-shaped face, and a spotted coat.

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Chinese Crested Dog

Considered a hairless breed, some have a crest of hair at the top, around the feet, and on the tail. This makes it appear as though the dog is wearing boots, a headdress, and tail extensions.

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One of the tallest dog breeds, these Russian wolfhounds are descended from central Asian dogs and have tiny heads that appear way too small for their ample bodies.

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Irish Wolfhound

The most striking thing about this wolf-hunting breed is its height. Better be glad they're sweet-tempered and patient, because they'll stand taller than you on their hind legs.

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Loved by Queen Victoria, this breed's wrinkled forehead makes these dogs look perpetually confused or quizzical. This dog also has a whimsical look, as the pug's short legs seem inadequate to support its wide body.

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Afghan Hound

Prized as a show dog, the Afghan Hound has long legs, a chiseled face, and an amazing silky, thick coat. Not to mention, there is an adorable curl on their tails. Think of this bread as supermodels.

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Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Short legs, a very long body, and a pompadour give this Scottish breed its distinctive appearance. In spite of his short legs, this dog can be quite a digger!

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Neapolitan Mastiff

Long jowls make it look as if this breed's face is melting. That's okay! Its massive and powerful frame can easily support the extra flesh.

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