A little girl hugging her mom.

15 Reasons to Thank Your Mom This Mother's Day

You already know your mom is the best, but have you thought about how much she actually does for you? When you think about all your mom has done through out your life, including cleaning up your messes and tolerating you during the dreaded teenage years, then you might be overwhelmed at her love. In case you’ve forgotten everything that she’s given you, here’s a quick reminder of all the loving and selfless things you need to thank her for. It also doesn’t hurt to shower her in hugs and pamper her either!

  1. She gave birth to you.
    We could stop there because that’s reason enough to get the royal treatment. Giving birth is no easy feat, and that should definitely be recognized.
  2. She changed your diapers.
    Not once, not twice, but hundreds and hundreds of times. It’s a gross job, but she did it for you. You might want to thank her for doing something she didn’t really want to do.
  3. Mom didn’t punish you for vomiting and/or spitting up on her.
    Despite the fact that you spit up on her hundreds of times when you were a baby, she still continued to love you. Not to mention all the times she took care of you when you threw up as a child, and then she cleaned up the mess. It grossed her out completely, but she handled it with grace.
  4. She took care of all your booboos.
    Mom carefully applied bandages to every tiny scrape, and she even tended to the larger wounds that made her a little queasy. She never wanted to be a nurse (not counting actual nurses), but still made sure you were okay.
  5. Mom feeds you every time you’re hungry.
    It doesn’t matter if it was a homecooked meal, a bowl of cereal, or a pizza. She made sure you were fed. She’s made your special favorites for your birthday, or even just because, and she continues to feed you even when you’ve grown up and moved away.
  6. You embarrassed her and she put up with it.
    When you were a baby, toddler, and even a teenager you did something that horrified your mother in public. It could have been a horrendously loud baby fart in the middle of a prayer in church, or a full toddler tantrum in the middle of the grocery store aisle. It was horrifying for her, but she picked you up, moved on with her day and tried to forget it ever happened.
  7. She put up with your crazy tendencies even though it was inconvenient.
    Kids are kind of weird. Some have to sleep with four blankies. Some kids want to wear two pairs of socks everyday. Whatever your deal was, she took it in stride and let you do you.
  8. She has worried about you every day since you were born.
    Did she swallow that penny? Is she still breathing? His fever is 102.5, should I take him to the emergency room?! These are just a few questions that run through a mom’s mind every day. She’s overly concerned about your well-being even when you’re in your thirties, and that will never change.
  9. Your mom has been your personal taxi driver for years.
    It didn’t matter where she wanted to be or what she wanted to be doing, she drove you to school, soccer practice, and play rehearsals. She even drove the carpool for you and your friends, and you can bet that it wasn’t always fun for her.
  10. She makes sacrifices for you.
    She’s sacrificed in so many ways and at so many different times. First, she sacrficed her body to give you life. Then she gave up her rest to care for you when you were a baby. She gave up her time to do things you wanted to do, and she probably sacrificed things she wanted so you could have the things you needed. 
  11. She fought your battles for you when you couldn’t.
    She stood up for you when you didn’t even know there was an injustice. She’s gone to battle for you time and again throughout your life. But sometimes she sat back to let you fight your own battles when she knew you could handle yourself. Either way, she’s always in your corner.
  12. Mom was your shoulder to cry on and your ear to complain to.
    Whenever you thought the world was falling apart your mom was there for you. Whether she held you while you cried or listened to you while you vented, she was there to help you through it. Not to mention she gave you advice to navigate those situations. You probably ignored it, but at least she tried.
  13. She gave you support even when you didn’t deserve it.
    You don’t always make the best decisions, but your mom is still there for you when you mess up. She helped you pick up the pieces and was the voice of reason you needed to survive.
  14. Mom gave out the tough love when you needed it.
    She didn’t want to point out your mistakes, and it wasn’t fun for her, but she gave you the lesson you needed anyway. Most moms don’t enjoy dishing out the tough truths, but they do it anyway to benefit their children in the long run.
  15. She loves you like crazy.
    Despite all of the stress, headaches, and loss of sleep, your mom has loved you through it all. Take the time to thank her for that unconditional love.
Last Updated: May 04, 2015