A vet tech checking on a dog.

3 Things You Should Thank Your Vet Tech For

Taking your pet to the vet can be a stressful situation. Even if it’s just for a routine checkup and shots it can still be nerve wracking because typically pets aren’t at ease at the vet’s office. A great veterinary clinic can make a world of difference by making you and your animal happy and comfortable. A vet isn’t the only person that factors into that. Your vet tech is a big part of the success of a clinic. Here are three reasons why you should be thanking them. 

  1. Vet techs have a very messy job.
    Animals tend to go to the bathroom when they’re nervous. And luckily as the pet owner you aren't expected to clean it up. That is your vet tech’s job. They have the pleasure of keeping messes picked up and the facility clean.

    If you are impressed with the cleanliness of your facility then personally thank your vet tech, because it’s not an easy job. Sometimes the poor techs even have to clean it off of themselves when carrying and transporting nervous pets. And they come back and do it all over again the next day. That’s serious dedication.
  2. Vet techs are highly skilled.
    A great vet tech is incredibly knowledgeable in their field. They can make diagnoses, perform complicated procedures, and assist the vet in making important decisions.  A good vet tech can not only help keep a vet on time and organized they can also assist them in important surgeries and procedures. A vet tech that has a high level of skill is treasured by a vet and should definitely be treasured by customers as well. 
  3. Vet techs love and care for your pets when you can’t be there.
    Vet techs are animal lovers at heart. They wouldn't do that job day in and day out if it wasn't for their love of animals. So when owners can’t be with pets, they show them the same love and compassion you would. They comfort them before they have surgery and when they come out of anesthesia. They show care and compassion to elderly pets that need special help.

    Vet techs treat your animals with respect even when you are not there to watch.  If you haven’t thanked your vet tech then you should, and thank your vet for employing people who really care. 
Last Updated: February 18, 2015