30 Etiquette Rules That Need to Make a Comeback

30 Etiquette Rule That Need to Make a Comeback. We all remember Grandma telling us to cover our mouth when we coughed, to sit up straight at the dinner table, and not to talk with our mouths full. Manners and etiquette have been taught to us our whole lives. Those rules may be different for every family, but everyone has to practice some manners. Even if it’s as simple as saying “Hello!” when you answer the phone, practicing good etiquette is just a good thing to do. 

Some etiquette rules have fallen out of fashion, such as “children should be seen and not heard” or “the bride’s family pays for the wedding.” As times change, so do the rules we follow. More modern versions of rules have been made to fit the new social environment. For example, the tradition used to be that men pay for dates, but new etiquette rules say that whoever invited the other person for a date is the one who pays. It makes sense that our guidelines for etiquette keep changing as the world continues to make social and technological advancements. It would be strange if we all went around bowing and curtseying to everyone we knew.

But, not all of the old-fashioned etiquette rules need to be scrapped or changed. Some of them still hold true to this day, such as making an effort to remember people’s names. You might have forgotten about some important rules of etiquette since Grandma first taught you. Here are 30 etiquette rules that need to make a comeback.

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