5 Activities for A Family-Friendly Staycation

A staycation can be the perfect family fun time, with proper planning and preparation. Most of the time when you think of a staycation, you think about rest and relaxation. Kids aren’t typically the best at just hanging out, so with some simple planning you can get the most out of a staycation with your family.

  1. Visit local attractions.
    Pretend you are a tourist in your home town. What would you recommend to a guest coming into town? Do those things yourself! There might be a children’s museum, fun trolley ride, or entertaining restaurant that you haven’t visited yet. Kids will have plenty of fun even if you're five minutes from home. Check your local children’s theater and see if they have any upcoming shows.
  2. Stock up on games.
    This is a fun time to introduce your kids to board game favorites. Life, Sorry, and Clue all make great family activities. Apples to Apples is a fun, fast-paced game that will keep the entire family engaged. Most kids also love learning card games for the first time. Try something easy at first like Go Fish. Remember to explain the rules clearly to cut down on confusion and arguments. Take turns choosing the games so that everyone feels included. You can even take the kids shopping and let them help pick them out. This will make them even more excited to play them.
  3. Gather family-friendly movies.
    Staycations are a great time to get comfy on the couch and watch movies, but it can be nearly impossible for all family members to agree on one movie. Pick out movies together and take turns choosing the movies. Make some special snacks and the kids will settle in and enjoy. You can even bring out your classic favorite childhood movies to share with the family.
  4. Make crafts.
    A staycation can be a good time to try out some fun crafts. You don’t have strict time limits so don’t hurry the kids and let them work at their own pace. Most retailers, like Target, carry a variety of craft kits for children. Or you can check out Pinterest and come up with some crafts of your own.
  5. Make food fun.
    Get foods that you can make together as a family to make mealtimes more exciting. Buy pizza crusts with a variety of toppings and let each child make their own pizza. Surprise them with a special treat like making cookies or a cake.