Newborn sleeping during photoshoot

5 Newborn Photography Ideas

When a new baby is born, parents want to capture those first fleeting moments as babies grow. One of the best ways to make money as a photographer is to get good at taking shots of new borns. New parents tend to be friends with people who are also having babies at the same time, so it’s a quick way to build your photography business. However, taking pictures can be difficult because babies don’t do a lot other than sleep, burp, and cry. If you’re taking newborn shots, make sure you have a spotter standing by to help when babies get startled or when you need someone to try to make the baby smile. 

  1. Photograph the newborn with something that shows his or her birth date.

    This can include a calendar, newspaper, or a custom sign. A personalized chalkboard with the baby’s name, birth date, and statistics like height and weight can make an adorable addition to a picture, too. Although these kinds of props may not be the most unique way to take photographs, they’re a definite people-and-parent-pleaser.
  2. Take photos of the baby on the parents’ bed.

    There is just something sweet about a tiny baby on a big bed. Make sure windows are open in the bedroom to allow for a lot of extra natural light. Take out anything distracting that might be on the night stands or on the sides of the bed. You can also change out the normal comforter for something simple and white to make sure the focus of your picture stays on the baby.
  3. Ask the parents for their family heirlooms to use in the shoot.  

    Ideas include vintage family quilts or even a wedding dress. Laying the child on something special to the family will create a long-lasting treasured memory. You could even see if the parents have old baby outfits from their infant years so that they have a nice generation-to-generation photo. Make sure you take the photos by a large window to add natural light to your photo.
  4. Find something to put the baby inside of for a picture.

    It could be a cute basket, designer handbag, or even a baseball glove, but find something that the newborn fits into to show just how little they are. If you use a basket or anything that might be rough on the inside make sure you line it with a soft blanket.
  5. Ask the parents about their interests for inspiration.

    A great example is asking about the parents’ favorite childhood books or characters. There are many props and outfits parents can buy for the pictures like a mini Harry Potter, Huck Finn, or Sleeping Beauty. Sports can make for a great photo theme as well. Use a basketball or a football next to a sleeping newborn for a picture sports-loving families will love. Your goal is to personalize the newborns photos based on what the parents want, but sometimes they need a little help getting there. Prompting them can really help you make their photos stand out. 
Last Updated: November 11, 2014