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5 Tips for Discussing Body Piercings with Your Teen

Your teenager has finally entered into that stage of life where he or she shows an interest in creative expression. When body piercings find their way into the conversation, you'll need to be armed with these five tips that will help you both make a sound decision.

  1. Explain any reasons for refusal.

    Once your teenager reaches a certain age, he or she can obtain the body piercing without your permission. However, younger teenagers will need you to go with them. Being uncomfortable with this idea is fine, but you should provide your youngster with a clear explanation as to why. The old "Because I said so" excuse just leaves teenagers feeling frustrated and confused.

  2. Offer a plan.

    If you don't support a body piercing now, let your teenager know that this restriction isn't forever. For example, you might be comfortable with a belly button piercing or a lip piercing in another year if he or she still wants it, or you may let your child know that he or she is free to get the piercing after an 18th birthday.

  3. Research reputable piercing professionals.

    Whether you are allowing your teenager to get the body piercing or he or she is already old enough to go alone, you want to ensure that the piercing establishment is reputable. Choose places that have an outstanding reputation in the community, and pay attention to online reviews. Failure to do so could end with your teenager contracting a serious or possibly fatal disease from unsafe equipment or procedures.

  4. Promote aftercare plans.

    No matter what type of body piercing your teenager desires, some sort of aftercare plan will be required. Even if he or she feels you're being annoying or overbearing, you should remind your teenager to take care of the piercing on a regular basis. When a piercing is not properly cared for, it can cause a painful infection.

  5. Remember, it's not permanent.

    Although you might feel hysterical when your teenager says he or she wants a nose or eyebrow piercing, keep in-mind that piercings are not permanent. Taking this view of the situation can help you to see that the decision may not be as life-altering as you initially think.

Last Updated: June 27, 2014