Man surprises his girlfriend with a Vukee photo book for Christmas

5 Ways the Vukee PhotoBook Can Save Christmas

Editor's Note: Vukee has announced a special holiday coupon code for 25% off Same Day PhotoBook orders! Enter the code “APPBOOK” when making your purchase on an iPhone or Android smartphone to redeem this special offer.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it’s also a stressful holiday. Between preparing for holiday parties, visiting family, cooking, and buying presents, you can feel like an overwhelmed elf working on a fast-moving North Pole assembly line. Luckily, Vukee can help you out in the gift department. Instead of scouring through every single store in town, let Vukee help you create a personalized, heartfelt gift that everyone will love opening on Christmas morning.

  1. You can create Vukee Same Day PhotoBooks "on the go."
    The Vukee photo app can be downloaded to both iPhones and Androids for easy accessibility. All it takes is two minutes to put together a stunning photo book for your loved ones. Simply design your photo book and send it to Walgreens for same-day printing. You can do all of this while you wait for a peppermint mocha in the 8 a.m. Starbucks line!
  2. Vukee Same Day PhotoBooks won’t blow your Christmas budget.
    If you wallet is running a little slim this Christmas then the Vukee Same Day PhotoBook is an affordable option. They start at $19.99 for a booklet sized photo book, which makes them an inexpensive-but-wonderful gift. (They're $14.99 if you use the APPBOOK code mentioned above!)
  3. It’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything.
    Don’t you hate how your dad always says he doesn’t want anything for Christmas? He already buys whatever it is he wants or needs, and that leaves you empty-handed. Well, I’m willing to bet he doesn’t have a one-of-a-kind photo book of the family. With Vukee, you can design a photo book filled with images of your family that your dad will cherish.
  4. Grandma will love it more than any scarf.
    Grandmothers are also notorious for saying they don’t want anything for Christmas, but one thing they always love receiving are pictures. Put together a beautiful Vukee Same Day PhotoBook filled with pictures of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. She’ll be touched at the thoughtfulness and will enjoy flipping through it for years.
  5. It’s an easy last minute gift that doesn’t seem last minute.
    We’re all spread a little thin during the holidays, and it’s normal for some things to fall through the cracks. If you’ve forgotten to buy a gift for an old college friend or your Aunt Cheryl (twice removed on your mom’s side), then throw together a quick Vukee Same Day PhotoBook and take advantage of the fast Walgreens printing. It will look like you spent hours on it so the recipient will feel loved, but you’ll save enough time to drink a cup of wine between wrapping presents.

With an affordable price, easy-to-use mobile iPhone and Android apps, and customizable content, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t give the Vukee Same Day PhotoBook a place beneath the Christmas tree. Go ahead, be everyone’s favorite gift-giver this year (and the next year, and the next).