5 Weekend Activities for the Whole Family

It can be hard to find something fun to do for the entire family. Everybody has different interests, but there are some things that can be fun for everybody. Here are five fun activities you can do during your next family weekend getaway.

  1. Camping

    There are thousands of people who can attribute some of their happiest memories to camping family weekend getaway. Where you can camp depends on where you live, how the weather is, and the time of year. It's just not viable to go camping in early spring or late fall in many places. There are plenty of campsites all over the United States that you can visit. If you're having difficulty finding a spot, simply search campsites in your area on the computer. Buying a camper can be a great investment if you want to have modern comforts while enjoying the outdoors and can afford the expense. At the very least, you'll need some basic camping gear like a tent and sleeping bags.

  2. Visit the Beach or Pool

    A family weekend getaway at the beach can be fun for children of all ages. Sitting on the beach and enjoying the sea breeze is refreshing for adults and teenagers, and young children love playing in the sand. Like the beach, a day at the pool is fun for the whole family. Children of all ages can enjoy swimming and soak up the sun (wearing sunscreen of course), and a day relaxing at the pool is just as appealing to adults.

  3. Bowling or Mini Golf

    Bowling is more suited for kids age 10 and up because of the weight of bowling balls and mini golf is generally better for kids less than 13 or 14. The competitive nature of these activities makes them attractive to all ages and helps get the kids off the couch.

  4. Movie Night

    Instead of traveling somewhere for a family weekend getaway, holding a family movie night is a great way to enjoy downtime with your family. Make it even comfier by piling up blankets and pillows to create a large pallet that everyone can cozy up on. Pop some popcorn and gather up yummy movie snacks to munch on during the movie. No matter how old your children are, all ages can appreciate a lazy, family movie night.

  5. Visit the Library

    You may not have considered taking your kids to the library. If your family likes to read, a group trip to pick out 2 or 3 books each can be a great bonding experience. In addition, it encourages your kids to read and thus boosts cognitive development. After everyone has finished their books, you can discuss them with each other. This habit supports family discussion and togetherness. Another option is to read a book together as a family. Choose one that has a movie adaptation, and then watch the film together after you read the book.