Decorated Easter eggs.

6 Fun Easter Egg Ideas

Decorating and hunting for Easter eggs is undoubtedly one of the most lively, fun aspects of this holiday for children and adults alike. If your Easter traditions have become boring and repetitive, there are some fun, new ways you can mix it up this year. End this Lenten season and celebrate this special day with some fun for the whole family by creating some egg masterpieces for the Easter morning hunt.


Blackboard Eggs

Great for those who always change their minds (or if you make a mistake). These eggs are incredibly simple to make. You don’t use any traditional dye; instead you apply a layer of black chalkboard paint to the boiled eggs. Then, you can draw or write any design of your choosing on them.

Personalized Eggs

Instead of dipping the entire egg in dye, you’re only going to dip two thirds of it. In order to accomplish this, place the egg sideways on the egg holder and only lower the bottom two thirds of the egg into the dye. After it dries, you can use stickers or permanent markers to write fancy initials or names on the remaining white area. Top it off by painting small dots around the edge.

Washi Tape Eggs

Dye can be messy, so if you want to skip it and still have beautiful eggs, look no further than washi tape. You can find this versatile tape in metallic, pastel, and many other colors, so you can cut them up and stick them to your eggs in any design. Do polka dots, squares, or be even more intricate with flowers or hearts.

The Hunt

Treasure Egg Hunt

Put a fun twist on the traditional egg hunt by handing your kids treasure maps, eye patches, and clues along the way. Mark where the eggs are on the map, and use bunny pawprints or carrots to help the kids along the way.

Color-Coordinated Hunt

If you have kids of all ages hunting, its probably a good idea to modify the easter egg hunt so the older children don’t find all the eggs first. A great, playful way to accomplish this is to assign each child a color and tell them they can only keep eggs in their color--with one exception: the golden egg.

Alternative Egg Stuffers

If your family fasted or gave up certain unhealthy foods, like candy or chocolate, for Lent and reaped the benefits, you can easily keep up the healthy trend by stuffing eggs with prizes that aren’t sugary. Some easy alternatives are money, gum, stickers, and small toys.

Last Updated: March 31, 2015