kids being educated with games

9 Online Games That Educate Children

If you're like most parents, you probably find yourself wishing that your child's video games offered more than just entertainment. Fortunately, there are plenty of games out there for your children to play that will teach valuable educational lessons while also offering a fun experience for your son or daughter! Here is a list of 10 online games that educate children.

  1. Starfall
    Starfall has been teaching children for more than a decade, and it is especially helpful for teaching your child to read using phonetics. It works best for younger children who are between preschool and second-grade learning levels. There are also Starfall games for basic math. There is quite a lot of free content located on the site, but for even more games, you can pay $35 dollars a year for full access to these engaging learning experiences. 
  2. Typing Games
    Typing games are fantastic for your child, especially with the move to incorporate electronics in classrooms for digital learning. Typing games teach your child the basic layout of the keyboard and increase the speed at which he or she types as time progresses. All the while, the game keeps your child entertained. Children can begin to learn about typing with ABCYa!, and as time progresses, they can more on to games that improve speed, such as TypeRacer. Both of these websites are free to use.
  3. ABCmouse
    ABCmouse offers a full curriculum with a wide variety of games for children ages 2 through 7. The website helps your child with reading, math, science, art, colors, and music. There is no advertising, so you can be sure your child won’t see any inappropriate advertisements. The website is $7.95 a month, but you can sign your child up for a free one-month trial. 
  4. Math Blaster
    Math Blaster is perfect for children who are having a hard time with math or are just learning. There are several games for your child to play, and some of them are actually quite addicting. The website has a free option but also offers a membership. The membership options allow you to pay for monthly, quarterly, annual, or lifetime access. The lowest is the monthly price at $8.99, and the highest is the lifetime price at $129.99. Added bonus: having a Math Blaster membership also gives you a Jump Start membership for even more games.
  5. Atlantis Remixed
    This website offers playful aspects that games ought to provide while also giving educational content that has been developed by learning experts. Not only this, but Atlantis Remixed is unique compared to all others on this list. Atlantis will encourage your child to interact outside of the game in a way that creates awareness for social situations and environmental issues. This game is all about teaching kids to grow up safely and respectfully. At the moment, the game is only available through schools or after-school programs. Ask your child's school if they have access or if they might be able to get it.
  6. Topmarks
    TopMarks is a British website and is great for teaching children all sorts of skills. The games on the website are categorized by age (as low as 3 and up to 14 years) and subject (math or English). Your child can learn problem solving, measurements, and times tables through TopMarks. This website is also free.
  7. PBS Kids
    PBS Kids offers free educational games with some of your child’s favorite characters. There are games that feature Curious George, Elmo, Arthur, and more. The games on PBS Kids offer several different categories of learning, including spelling, stories, problem solving, music, and much more.
  8. Earobics
    With a tagline that states “Learning that Sticks,” it’s no surprise that Earobics made this list. The free website offers games for younger children. Not only does the website teach your child how to speak, but it also teaches how to spot opposites, memorize the alphabet, and recognizing fact versus fantasy.
  9. Primary Games
    Primary Games is another free option for all ages. The website offers more than 1,000 titles to choose from, and new games are added every week. The games on the website vary greatly, but you can count on your child learning about subjects that include social studies, math, reading, and science.