An elderly man and his daughter speak to a representative from a potential senior living community.

Choosing the Best Senior Living Community for Your Loved One

The time has come for you to seek a senior living community for your loved one. This can be a scary process. You want to do what is best for your loved one just as he or she has done the best for you.

Choosing the right community can be difficult, but you should begin the process already knowing what you want your loved ones to experience there. Consider these aspects as you do your research and choose an option that works best for your family.


Which services are most important to the health and wellness of your family member? You can discuss specific services with the communities that pique your interest, but every community should offer some basic services. Make sure that the facility arranges and provides transportation to and from doctor's appointments. After all, your loved one probably can't drive anymore.

You should also make sure the rooms are cleaned regularly by the staff. Your loved one is there to relax, and shouldn't be expected to live in dirty environments. Finally, the staff should provide aid when your loved one eats, bathes, goes to the bathroom, and dresses. If the community doesn't provide these services, go find another one.

Pricing and Fees

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it's time to find out the costs. You can ask about the monthly or yearly cost up front. After receiving a number, ask the senior care center to break down the fees into individual expenses. How much money goes toward room, board, cleaning services, and transportation? Are there any fees for extra services that your loved ones may not need? It's best to ask about these things up front and get them in writing. You should also see if there are any government programs or private funds available to help cover the costs. Be sure to also ask about the refund policy of your community of choice.

With some careful planning, you can avoid the stress of choosing a bad elder care center for your loved one. He or she will enjoy the remaining years of life thanks to your diligence and research. You can ensure that your family member will be treated with the best care and the most respect. After all, the comfort and happiness of your ailing loved one is the most important thing.

Last Updated: September 18, 2017