Girl coloring on coloring sheet

Coloring Sheets: 10 Best Websites for Coloring Fun

Kids love nothing more than making their own creations. Now, you can find amazing websites that provide free coloring sheets for hours of fun. Simply pull out the crayons and print off projects for your children. Here are 10 of the best websites for coloring fun.

  1. Crayola
    Crayola is a well-known creator of crayons, but that isn't all it has to offer. Its website allows you to print pictures that any child can color. There are several different categories to choose from, such as holidays, vehicles, Barbie, and Disney characters. There are hundreds of pages, and they're all completely free. 
  2. Coloring Book
    Coloring Book is another fantastic website that your children can browse for themselves. This website has easily recognizable categories labeled with pictures and words. For example, if your child wants to color a picture of Ant-Man, there is an icon of Ant-Man he or she can click to get to coloring pages with Ant-Man. The site is sorted by characters and has everything from book characters to Disney. 
  3. The Color
    The Color website is completely safe for your children to browse. It offers a breakdown of categories by character or holiday. There is also an option to view the most popular, top-rated, and most recent coloring pages. The best thing about the website is that you can choose to print the pages or color them directly on the website.
    This basic website is safe for children to browse and offers lots of simple coloring pages that are sure to entertain. is unique in that it offers religious coloring pages—Christian and Jewish—for children to create. Apart from religion, coloring categories include alphabet, music, nature, school, rainbows, and much more.
  5. EducationalColoringPages
    Focusing on teaching children, EducationalColoringPages allows children to browse countless fun images. It breaks down coloring pages between boys’ and girls’ options. The boys’ options offer superhero printable pages while the girls’ category features Barbie and Disney princess designs.
  6.’s printable coloring pages are fun, but they also teach. These pages require children to focus on details. Some pages even have pre-reading and pre-math skills-builders, such as helping kids recognize patterns on the pages. The website is simple to browse and offers original designs as well as familiar characters such as Spiderman, the Croods, Skylanders, and more.
  7. Free Coloring Pages
    This website focuses on designs that require skills such as hand-eye coordination, color comprehension, and picture comprehension. Like the other sites, it's broken down into categories, including animals, dinosaurs, boats, cars, and more. However, this website offers Bible pages as well as holiday themes that are usually not included, such as Father's Day.
  8. Activity Village
    This website has over 1,500 pages for children to color. It provides some of the highest quality PDF files on the internet, so you can always have high-quality coloring sheets. The website has “quicklinks” for lots of holidays, but you can also view categories by topics. A few of these topics include animals, knights, dragons, fairies, food, and flowers. 
  9. Kidspot
    Whether your child is coloring with colored pencils, crayons, or markers, Kidspot designs are perfect. This website allows you to pick from complex or simple designs, but there is so much more. It also includes coloring pages that help with math, handwriting, and learning about the months of the year. Kidspot focuses on teaching children in a creative environment. 
  10. PrimaryGames
    This website prides itself on teaching children from a young page. It’s famous for online games, but it also has countless coloring pages that can be printed free of charge. PrimaryGames even has pages that teach the alphabet and fire safety. Not to mention, it covers the gamut of holidays from Kwanzaa and Chinese New Year to Easter and Ramadan. There's something for everyone at PrimaryGames.
Last Updated: January 22, 2016