A child-sized training toilet

Ditch the Diapers: Our Favorite Three Day Potty Training Strategy

The three day potty training method might sound crazy and impossible, but several moms are swearing by it. Here are some tips to get you started on this potty training strategy for those looking to give it a whirl.

Are you and your child ready?

This method takes a large level of commitment on the parent’s end. This means if you can’t devote your full attention then it’s probably not the best method for you. This potty training method is referred to as “bare-bottomed” training. Training pants or diapers are okay for nap and overnight, but are not recommended for use during the day. Your child should wear nothing waist down around the house and only loose fitting pants out and about for the first three months. Your child needs to be staying dry for an hour or two at a time, asking to use the potty, refusing to wear a diaper, and pooping at around the same time everyday. 

Before You Begin

When you decide to start the program, you need to make sure your schedule is completely clear. This means you need three days completely devoted to potty training. Two to five weeks before you begin it is important to introduce your child to the potty, let him or her see you use the potty and talk about the process. Add small potty chairs throughout the house in main areas and in each bathroom. A week before starting show your child the diapers and explain that when those are all gone then he or she won’t have to wear diapers anymore. Toddlers love to be naked and that is one reason this method works. Focus on the fact that your child gets to go diaper-less and make it really exciting.

Getting Started

On day one, get up as soon as your child wakes up, and have him or her go naked from the waist down for the day. Spend the rest of the day watching your child for signs he or she needs to go to the bathroom and lead your child to the potty. Offer your child lots of drinks, foods with high water content, and salty foods that make your toddler want to drink more. If you need to use the bathroom make sure that you take your toddler with you. If your child has an accident, reinforce that pee/poop goes in the potty in a serious voice. Take your child to the bathroom before and after nap time, but put him or her in a diaper during nap time until you are confident there won't be any accidents.

On day two, continue the same routine, but add an hour of outside time in the afternoon right after they have gone to the bathroom. On day three, add an hour in the morning as well. When you decide to venture out of the house make sure you bring a travel potty and put them in loose fitting clothes. If your child is still having trouble potty training after the three days, wait eight weeks and try again. It's likely your child wasn't fully ready to ditch the diapers.

Last Updated: June 16, 2017