A family decorating for christmas

DIY Christmas Decor

If you love to spend time surrounded by Christmas-themed festivity but you don’t want to break the bank, then you and your family can become do-it-yourselfers and trim the tree while saving money. Here are some fun DIY Christmas decorating ideas to keep your holiday merry and bright.

Artificial Lights

Artificial lights are inexpensive and can be incorporated in your holiday decorating scheme in almost any way imaginable. You can use them outside on your front porch, on your doorframes indoors, or you can even use them to create a Christmas tree on your wall. LED Christmas lights are the more expensive option, but they last longer and don’t require as many trips to the store for replacement bulbs.

Christmas Cards

You can also decorate using the Christmas cards you receive in the mail during the holiday season. Your kids will love opening each card and helping you decide which card to place where. You can make a Christmas tree shape with the cards you receive on the wall in your house for an easy kid craft idea for Christmas. Each Christmas card is special and can be displayed this way for a cheap and easy DIY Christmas project.

Artificial Trees

If you want to use artificial Christmas trees, the most cost-efficient option is to go with smaller ones. Black Friday sales are usually the best time to go out and grab an artificial tree for a low price. Grouping these together in your home or on your front porch makes for a rustic yet classic Christmas decoration. If you miss the smell of the classic Scotch pine, you can hang a few pine-scented air fresheners in the tree to keep it feeling realistic.

DIY Ornament Tree

If you are looking to make a different kind of artificial tree, you can buy a Styrofoam cone from any craft store and use a hot glue gun to attach ornaments all around it. This creates a beautiful DIY Christmas tree for a smaller area or for an entry table. This is a craft that kids can help with, and it’s fun for the whole family.

A Snowman Project

You can help the kids get involved by giving them an art project to do. You can use black and orange construction paper to turn your front door or refrigerator into a snowman. Cut out black circles for eyes and buttons, and an orange triangle for a carrot nose. Kids will love these easy kid craft ideas for Christmas, and it barely costs a dime.