DIY Dog Costumes Sure to Make Fido Stand Out

This Halloween, don’t settle for a generic, store-bought pet costume when you can easily make one of these unique and adorable dog costumes yourself.

Minimal effort:

Turn your dog into an adorable TY Beanie Baby!  This costume requires very little effort and money. 

Materials: cardboard/cardstock paper; red, white, and gold paint; black marker; and ribbon.

  1. Cut out a heart shape from a piece of cardboard or cardstock paper and draw large “ty” letters in the center.
  2. Paint the background of the heart red, the letters white, and add a gold border.  Allow the front of the tag to dry for several hours, then you can write your pet’s name and story on the back.
  3. Punch a small hole in the left-hand corner and attach the tag to your dog’s collar with a ribbon.

This costume is suitable for all dogs, no matter the size.

Moderate effort:

Do you have a Dalmation, Boston Terrier, or any other kind of dog with spots? This Chik-fil-a Cow costume would be perfect for them!

Materials: poster board, a black marker, ribbon, elastic, pink cloth, glue, and a store-bought plastic cow nose (optional).

  1. Create two “eat mor chikin” signs out of poster board and tie them together with two pieces of ribbon, leaving a few inches of ribbon in between to lay over your dog’s back.
  2. Cut out the shape of an udder from the pink cloth, glue it to a piece of elastic, then slip the elastic around your dog’s waist. 
  3. If your dog is comfortable with having something on its face, you can place the plastic cow nose on top of its actual nose, but make sure it has holes so your dog can breathe.

This costume can be adapted to any size dog.

Substantial effort:

How cute would your Pug be as a Baked Pug-Tato this Halloween?  This costume requires a considerable amount of time and effort, so you should allow yourself at least a couple hours to construct it. 

Materials: brown cloth, shiny silver cloth, cotton, styrofoam, yellow spray paint, green construction paper, velcro, and a hot glue gun (you could also use needle and thread if you want a sturdier costume). 

  1. Create a base for the costume out of brown cloth. Wrap the cloth around your dog, cut out holes for its legs, and attach the ends together on top of your dog’s back with velcro.
  2. Now you need to make your potato. Cut out a sheet of the silver cloth large enough to wrap around the belly of your dog, leaving room for the filling inside.  Cut out two leg holes for your dog’s hind legs.  Fold the cloth in half, glue one end of it together, and glue the other end to each side of the base.  This will serve as the aluminum foil.
  3. Pull apart, fluff, and glue the cotton balls together until you have a sizable potato.  Then, glue the cotton to the inside of the silver cloth.
  4. To finish it off, spray paint a small styrofoam cube yellow (this is the butter), cut tiny pieces of green paper (chives), and glue them to the top of the cotton.

This costume is intended for Pugs/Pug mixes.