Newborn photo taken by the parents

DIY Newborn Photography

Capturing your own newborn's first few weeks of life are important. Every new parent wants the perfect photos of their new baby, but it's important to prepare and research before starting your photo shoot so it can go as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips to help you take the best pictures possible.

Find Natural Light

Take your photos near a natural light source like large windows. This will keep you from having to use a flash. Flash creates a flat, bright light that is harsh and not flattering. A natural light gives your newborn a more natural color. Make sure you not only open the curtains, but also raise the window blinds to get the most light possible.

Keep your home warm. If you are going to be doing any outfit changes or photos in just a diaper it is very important to keep the baby's surroundings warm so they do not wake up. First bump your heat up to around 80 degrees. You can also add in a space heater or a heating pad on the lowest setting to keep your baby nice and toasty.

Use Props

Gather your props. There are many different props that can be used in a newborn shoot. Some like to use baskets to put the baby in. This gives you a visual of how tiny they are and makes for a great shot. You should also gather throws or blankets to lay the baby on. Try to find blankets that have a lot of texture. Stay away from bold patterns that would distract from your baby.

Get Personal

Add a personalized element to your newborn shoot. Make your newborn's shoot special by adding something with your child's name on it. This could be a monogrammed blanket or onesie, or even a personalized chalkboard or sign. You can easily make one by painting an existing sign you own with chalkboard paint and getting creative with chalk.


Think about your accessories. Little girls look adorable in bows, tutus and you could even add in a strand of pearls. Boys can be just as easy to accessorize with a necktie, bow tie, or a hat. There are a variety of different hats for boys and girls. Crocheted animal hats can be adorable and add a special touch to your newborn's photos. There are simple hats with just a pair of ears and there are also more elaborate with full animal faces.

Last Updated: May 06, 2015