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Gender Reveals Gone Hilariously Wrong

Beyond Gross Food Labels

So, wait a second. Who thought it would be a good idea to serve food that’s referring to a child’s …ahm? That’s what we want to eat at a party, baby balls and wittle weiners. 

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Unique Isn’t Always Good

Since gender reveals are common now (unfortunately), unique is pretty challenging to achieve. This family announced the gender of their new baby in the grossest way we can imagine. Why do families keep doing this?

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Alligators Shouldn’t Be Invited

One Florida family thought it would be a great idea to include an alligator in their gender reveal. One big reason gender reveal parties have to stop is because some people keep including dangerous animals. Stop. Including. Things. That. Can. Kill. You.

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Dangerous Things Can Happen

We’ve all heard the stories of the people who get hurt during gender reveals. This kiddo got two presents in one! A new little brother and a trip to the eye doctor. We can't help but feel sorry for the little guy.

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True Feelings Come Out

Sometimes parents want a specific gender – and we mean they really want a specific gender. This dad wanted a boy, and instead, he got a girl. He wasn’t happy. In fact, the whole room saw his disappointment. 

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Disgusting Baby Food

Then the games? They’re not even that fun. No one wants to eat the pureed, nasty baby food that people shove in their mouths. It all tastes the same: like vomit. Not even babies like the stuff. We come to parties for the food, guys.

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Definitely Scarring

This dad didn’t get the gender he wanted, and he was pretty upset. When asked, “is daddy happy?” he responded sarcastically, “daddy is always happy.” Yeah, that won’t scar the kid later! Also, we’re guessing the mom wasn’t happy he ruined the reveal.

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Some Don’t Make Sense

This family decided to put the confetti in a pinata that would be smacked down. It's an average idea (everyone does this) with poor execution. The person couldn’t see the pinata nor the color! The more “unique” people go, the less it makes sense.

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Gone Too Far

Some people just go too far. This woman? Too far. She revealed the gender of her baby by passing gas in either blue or pink (spoiler alert: it was blue). Was she alone? Nope. It pans over to her friends who watched her half-naked self fart on the internet for all to see.

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Bachelorette or Gender Reveal?

If we had you guess whether this was a bachelorette or gender reveal, we’re guessing you’d take a second look due to the cookie shapes. We get that it’s all in good fun, but why? We cannot stress how inappropriate this is. What happened to normal food?

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