How to Find The Perfect Nanny

Finding someone trustworthy enough to care for your children is an intimidating task. You need to be ready to accept someone into your home to care for your children, which can be scary. Make sure you are mentally prepared by doing all the research you can. Here are some tips to help you find a great nanny for your family.

Ask Your Friends

With services being so readily available on the internet, it’s hard to distinguish what sitting companies or nannies are the best of the best. The best way to hear real reviews is to reach out to people that may have used them in the past. If you are involved in any mom or parenting community groups then start there. You can also post a question on social media. This will give you a broad range of information. This is a good way to find out if anyone you know has friends or family members looking to nanny. If not, see what online companies your acquaintances have used to find a nanny. Some websites provide background checks and more information to make sure the nanny is qualified. Utilize these services.

Be Prepared

Before starting to interview potential nannies, make sure you have clearly decided what role you want your nanny to fill. With this type of job, miscommunication on job specifics can be a huge issue. So before you begin, sit down with the family members and get an exact idea of what you would like your nanny to be responsible for, like cooking or light cleaning. If you want your nanny to take your children places then make sure he or she has a reliable car and clean driving record. When starting the interview process, present your expectations to potential applicants to make sure as soon as possible if they would be eligible and interested in the position. Gather questions to ask your potential nanny. Make them specific and carefully consider each answer. Give them possible situations and ask them how they would respond. This will show their ability to think under pressure, which is important for any child care provider.

Do Research on Applicants

Make sure you ask for several references in your application. Check with the references and ask thorough questions. Hearing about past relationships with employers will give you insights to how well a nanny will fit in with your family. Also get permission to do background checks on applicants, including criminal history, driving records, and credit reports. This is someone who will be in your home and caring for your children so you need to learn as much information about potential nannies as possible.

Spend Time with Your Children

It’s important to see potential nannies spend time with your children and to determine how they get along. Children tend to be a good judge of people, so there may be a good reason if they don’t like the potential nanny. It’s also important to see if you have a gut feeling about the person. If you aren’t comfortable with the person, then it probably isn’t a good idea to leave him or her in charge of your home and family.