Tulips given as a Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day Gift Guide: 10 Perfect Presents

There is no better day than Mother’s Day to honor the great mom in your life. Not sure what to give her? Not to worry, we’ve gathered some of the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day. You’ll be sure to make her feel special and loved with any of these thoughtful presents.

  1. French Press
    This gift is for the coffee lover. A French press delivers coffee with great flavor and creates a fun coffee-making experience. You might think that all French presses are extremely expensive, but there is one for every budget. You can find the basic model at Target for less than $20, but if you want to go with a fancier version check out the Alessi Cactus, which will cost you around $222. The great thing about getting your mom a French press is that you can add other matching gifts to it. Like a gourmet ground coffee or a set of new matching mugs.
  2. Bath Basket
    If your mom likes to take baths then this is the perfect gift to give her this Mother’s Day. Improve her relaxing bath time by putting together a basket with her favorite bath essentials. Pair it with a bottle of wine, pretty wine glass, and Amazon gift card so she can fill her eReader or place a big order of good old paperbacks. Here are more tips on putting together a bath basket.
  3. A Monthly Subscription Service
    Subscription boxes can be an excellent gift because they’re a present that continues to give for several months. There are all kinds of subscription boxes out there so use your mother’s interests to guide your choice. You can find subscription boxes that send beauty samples, healthy food samples, and even home decor and crafts. Most subscription services allow you to choose various subscription lengths so you can find something within your budget. You can choose a full year’s subscription if you want, or simply do a three month subscription. Here are some unique subscription box ideas.
  4. Etsy Gift Card
    Moms have a tendency to put others before themselves, but a gift card encourages her to spoil herself for once. Etsy is an excellent place to find handmade jewelry, unique cell phone cases, home decor, and other unique items. You can purchase a gift card at Etsy.com, or even purchase an item for your mother.
  5. Alex and Ani Bracelets
    These dainty bracelets have become incredibly popular since they are stackable and can even be personalized. There are a wide variety of styles available, and you can even choose to give her one with each child’s initial. The lightweight design makes them a convenient jewelry choice for a mom who’s always managing a house. They’re available at www.alexandani.com or other retailers, and start at $28.
  6. Books
    If your mother is an avid reader then why not indulge her in her favorite pastime? Purchasing a few books from her must-read list is an excellent gift. You can also pair the book(s) with her favorite glass of wine, or new cozy blanket to wrap up in while she reads. Not only will she enjoy reading the book she’s had her eye on, but she’ll also be touched that you’ve been paying attention to her interests.
  7. Family Photos
    There are several different ways you can do this present. First, you can pay for a professional family photo session ahead of time and give her the gift certificate on Mother’s Day. Professional pictures can be expensive, and it’s difficult to get the whole family together for them, so your mom will be touched you and the rest of your family have planned it out.
    If you’ve recently taken family pictures, or can’t get everyone in one place long enough to have them done, then you can have existing images printed out for her. You can easily do this through Walgreens or Walmart, and choose from a wide variety of image sizes and styles. Wrapped canvases are particularly popular for family photos. You can have a lot of fun by selecting the images and having them canvases made. Have several made in various sizes so she can arrange them in a collage on the wall. We promise she will love it.
  8. Something She Likes to Collect
    You might have noticed that paying attention to mom is the key to finding the perfect gift. That rule applies here as well. Most people, moms included, have something they love to buy over and over again, whether it be a certain type of shirt, or a recurring design element in the home, so why not find a gift that goes with that? Give your mother something that she likes to collect, and she’ll likely treasure it forever.
  9. A Splurge Item
    Moms are notorious for sacrificing what they want for what the family needs. Mother’s Day is our opportunity to pay them back for that selflessness. A nice purse that your mom has been raving about, or a pricey piece of jewelry she can’t justify purchasing are wonderful gifts to give your mother. Of course, don’t blow your budget, but if you and your siblings agree to split the cost then you’re set. Don’t forget to tell her how much you appreciate all she’s given up for you and that she deserves the nicer things in life too.
  10. A Day at the Spa
    The older you get the more you realize just how stressful life can be, especially if you have kids to tend to. Pamper your mom this Mother’s Day by giving her a spa day. Don’t worry about picking out specific packages for her. Simply purchase a gift card from the spa for a certain amount of money and let her choose exactly what kind of massage she wants. You can even buy the two of you a spa day together. After all, the only thing mothers love more than being appreciated is spending quality time with their children.
    If you can't afford a fancy spa then try using these tips to giving your mom the spa treatment from the comfort of her own home.
Last Updated: April 23, 2015