Newly Divorced Woman Adopts 2 Babies, Discovers Their Heartwarming Connection

Katie Page was in her early thirties when she felt the symptoms of a mid-life crisis creep up on her. After her divorce was finalized, the future she had for so long dreamt about suddenly felt out of her grasp. Although she was still young enough to go back to school to start over with a new career, to Katie it seemed that she was starting over at the beginning of the same path instead of moving forward on the one she was already on.

Instead, Katie decided to flip everything she had originally planned for her life on its head and forever alter her life’s trajectory. Little did she know that she would also forever impact not just those closest to her, but she would also send ripples of change in lives that she did not even know of yet. By deciding to leave everything behind and start on a path of the complete unknown, Katie began a journey that would lead her to a place that had never once dreamt of.

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