Teens using cell phones in school to study.

Pros Of Allowing Cell Phones In High Schools

Cell phones aren't always appropriate, but they can certainly come in handy in an academic setting. Not all schools allow students to use cell phones during school hours, but there are some obvious reasons why they should.

  1. Safety Issues

    First and foremost, a child’s safety is a parent’s top priority. Allowing children to have cell phones in school guarantees a constant link between a parent and a child. This is beneficial for any kind of emergency, be it a sickness, natural disaster, emergency, or act of violence. Most smart phones are equipped with a GPS tracker. If a child is in any kind of danger during school time, a cell phone can literally save his or her life.

  2. Organization

    Cell phones have email, calendars, and apps that assist you in being more organized. Students can benefit from these organizational aids in school to help them keep up with homework, study groups, extracurricular activities, and group projects. There are lots of learning apps that can help students study, do their homework, and stay refreshed in their subjects.

  3. Cameras

    Students can utilize the cell phone camera for many things in school. It helps create memories, but it can also refresh their memories for homework if they take photos of projects done in class, instructions, or presentations from lectures. This can be a helpful learning aid for high school adolescents and it can even help parents in assisting their children with homework.

  4. Communication

    Phones were invented to help us communicate with one another, so having access to a cell phone will help students communicate with one another, parents, and school groups. In the case of a lockdown, loss of power, or change of after school plans, students will have ways to keep a line of constant communication with teachers, parents, or other students. Being able to communicate with your children is not just for safety, but also for convenience.

  5. Education

    Cell phones can help students learn and can assist in online research. A lot of students travel for educational fieldwork or for special projects, such as selling advertisements for yearbook team or newspaper staff. Having a cell phone can assist these students so they can stay connected to one another and have access to the World Wide Web for research purposes while they’re on the go.

Last Updated: September 04, 2015