Tip and Tricks for Potty Training Your Toddler

When it comes time to potty train your toddler, you might be left with a lot of questions. Some parents may be of the thinking that if their child has reached a certain age, he or she must learn to potty train within a certain number of days. Other parents believe their child will let them know when he or she is ready. The truth is that there is no one right way to toilet train your toddler. It has a lot to do with the child’s temperament and desire to use the bathroom.

Time To Learn?

Your child does not reach the age of 20 months and is then automatically ready to learn to potty train. With some children, that age is lower and in others it is higher. You know your child and should look for signs that he or she is ready to start toilet training. If your child follows you into the bathroom every time you use it, this might be an indication that he or she is ready. A child who comes to you immediately after dirtying a diaper to have it changed is typically ready to start learning to potty train. You know your child best so be watchful of the signs and interest in potty training.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a great way to help your child learn to potty train. When you begin the process, take your child to the store and have pick out a pack of underwear that he or she wants. Your child will love choosing among super heroes, princesses, and other adorable themes. Once you set up a child size toilet, you will want to create a prize jar. What is inside the jar should be up to you and your child. You might want to fill the jar with your child's favorite candy or stickers. Every time your child successfully uses the toilet allow him or her to have a treat out of the jar. Using positive reinforcements will make learning a fun process and help your child learn quickly.

Play A Game

Who says going to the bathroom can't be fun? If you have a little boy, throw some cereal into the toilet bowl and tell him to aim for them and try to sink them. You can even keep score on a calendar. If you have a daughter, you tell her about the magic color-changing water. You will need one of those long-term cleaners that turn your toilet water blue, and when your daughter uses the toilet, the water will turn green.


Keeping a schedule is everything. In the beginning, your child will not necessarily be able to vocalize the need to use the toilet so take your child to the bathroom regularly. Every two hours is a good place to start. Keep to this schedule even when away from home like at the store or visiting a friend’s house.

Every child learns to potty train, and every parent worries about the process. It is a natural part of life. If your child has an accident while potty training, do not get upset. It is just a bump in the road. You and your child can make potty training a fun and successful process.