10 Spook-tacular Halloween Party Snacks

It’s time for Halloween! You know what that means – it’s time to pull out your costumes, scary décor, boozy drinks, and party. Naturally, the best part about Halloween may be the parties. Halloween parties are some of the best around because everyone gets to hang around in costumes all day and night exchanging candy. Granted, a lot of adults don’t get together to pour out their candy to trade those gross Smarties for Reese’s – sorry those of you who like Smarties. They’re just gross.

Speaking of gross things to eat, your party has to have snacks. Snacks are just the quintessential thing to have when friends gather. Simply put, you can have a party without om-nom-noms. More importantly, you can’t just get any snacks. We all love a delicious handful of Cheeze-Its, but that isn't gonna cut it. This holiday is unique because you’re encouraged to play with your food. Why have normal crackers when you can have food that looks like body parts?

Let your creativity come alive – alive, we say!! Creepy, crawly food isn’t really something we keep in our mind, so we don’t blame you if you need a little help coming up with something that’s Halloween themed. For this reason, we’ve decided to put together a little something that may help.

We’ve whipped up 10 delicious snacks that are utterly Spook-tacular. After seeing these snacks, your friend may throw away the Smarties and Reese’s to chomp down on your food. Not to mention, some of them may actually be good for people.

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