15 Groovy Home Decor Trends From the 70s

Nowadays, you might see a house from the ‘70s with all its original décor and think that it’s far too outdated. It was decades ago, so what could possibly be good about it now? We’re going to disagree with you. It isn’t hard to find something to love about the ‘70s. You don’t even have to look that hard! We’re down for the bellbottom fashion and so much more, but what we think deserves the most attention is the groovy home décor.

Muted colors, natural materials, and geometric patterns – the ‘70s had it all, and that’s only just a few places to start! We think we should bring back some of the décors of the ‘70s and update it with a modern flair. For inspiration, we’re making a list of some of the most popular trends of the 1970s. You probably saw this décor in your friend’s house, your neighbor’s house – heck, you probably had them in your own home!

This is a list of 15 of the best home décor trends from the ‘70s that everyone should explore. Don’t be afraid to take these ideas and run with them to make a truly unique home that will be a blast from the past.

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