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30 Items You Should Never Buy At the Dollar Store


The dollar store can be a wonderful place. If you're like most of us, you're overpaying for lots of everyday items, and dollar stores are one way to save some serious money on these essentials. Why pay more for name brands when you can get the same product for a dollar? It just doesn't make any sense! 

However, there's a downside to buying things this cheap—they're, For many things, this doesn't matter at all. No one is going to be able to tell the difference between your dollar store aluminum foil and their name-brand product that costs twice as much. But for other items, paying a little extra is worth it. And for some specific cases, it's absolutely necessary. If you don't shell out the extra cash for these items, you might find yourself getting burned...literally! The last thing you want is to end up with a major burn because the cheaper option looked like a better deal.

That's why we're counting down the 30 products that you should leave on the shelves when you come across them at the dollar store. Because even if you save money on them in the short term, they'll cost you more in the long run. From baby items to batteries, these are some of the things that no one should buy from the dollar, ever. Are there any items that you absolutely refuse to buy at the dollar store, even if they're half the price of a supermarket?



Did you know...

  • In February 2020, Jeff Bezos bought the most expensive property in California: a $165 million mansion. It was designed for Jack Warner (the former president of Warner Bros. entertainment company). It took a decade to construct (spanning the 1930s and 40s). It comes complete with 9 acres of Beverly Hills land, a main house, a guest house, a tennis court, a golf course, and terraces.
  • After her role as First Lady came to an end, Jackie Kennedy went into the publishing business. She became an associate editor at Doubleday and worked mostly on autobiographies. In fact, she was one of two original editors for Michael Jackson's 2009 autobiography Moonwalk, a #1 New York Times bestseller.
  • While attending the Grammys in February 2000, Jennifer Lopez stepped out in a green Versace dress that instantly became a phenomenon. The barely-there ensemble had a dramatically low cut that came below JLo’s belly button. It became such a talking point that it was Google’s most popular search query up to that point, and it spurred the company to include images into search results. It became the motivation for Google Images.
  • Paris Hilton not only lives in a mansion, she also built a doghouse mansion for her Chihuahua. It's 300 square feet and includes air conditioning and heating. It comes decked out with designer furniture, a chandelier, a pink paint job, second-floor balcony, and enclosed "yard." It's not enough for you to live in luxury. Your dog must, as well.
  • In the summer of 2007, Joh Hamm became a household name when Mad Men premiered to critical acclaim and strong ratings. Just over a year and a half later, Ellie Kemper stole America's hearts (and Dwight's and Andy's) when she became the new receptionist on The Office. Before they were famous, Hamm was Kemper's high school drama teacher!