20 Fall Pinterest Decor Trends You Should Avoid

20 Fall Pinterest Decor Trends You Should Avoid. Ah, fall is here, and you know what that means! It's time to take down all the summer decorations you kept up and prepare yourself for the best season of the year. Out of every month, we have to say that the fall months are some of the best. First, the temperatures are perfect. It's not too cold, and it isn't too hot. Then there are the gorgeous colors that blanket the foliage. Orange, red, and yellow were just meant to go together, don't you think? Finally, you have to think about the smells. Cinnamon, pumpkin, and all the baked goods you can think of. Truly amazing. 

Of course, with fall comes new decorations. No more beach balls. Now it's time for wreaths, cinnamon scented brooms, and DIY projects that will turn your home into an autumnal wonderland. Pinterest is one of the main sources of inspiration, and we don't blame people for looking there. It has some of the best decoration ideas on the internet, and it's easy to file everything into neat little folders for future use. 

What we can blame is when the Pinterest decor trends go a little too far. You know what we're talking about -- those trends that pop up every holiday that everyone and their mother have done despite the fact that it looks like it belongs in a kid's schoolroom. Today, we're going over the 20 Pinterest fall decor trends that you should avoid for a truly unique home.

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