20 Tacky Bathroom Mistakes

Bathrooms are such a weird thing. They have more purpose than any other room in the house, yet they manage to be as unique as the individual people who own and use them. The bathroom is often the most interesting place in the house. Because it’s such a personal place, people often express themselves more fully in this room than any other room in the house. This can lead to some weird stuff. Just because they are personal places perfect for self-expression doesn’t mean they are private. When guests come over, they don’t have many places to go when nature calls.  When those same guests get to be too much too handle, the bathroom is typically the perfect place to go hide in. It’s magically quiet. You can stay in there for hours and people might wonder where you went, maybe think you have serious stomach problems, but only a rare few will go out of their way to disturb you. However, things get weird when someone stumbles into a bathroom clearly breaking the mold. In a place so private, you can’t relax if the decorations are really unexpected. Here’s a few of the tackiest ways people have decorate their bathrooms.

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