21 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Maximum Happiness

21 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Maximum Happiness. Your surroundings in your own home play a huge role in your mood every single day; just think of yourself as a living, breathing, Sim. Walking into a dirty room (imagine a sink piled high with dirty dishes, cat litter or muddy paw tracks across the floor, and clutter everywhere) can bring you crazy anxiety, but a clean and beautiful home (laundry put away, beds made, the works) can do the exact opposite and bring you extreme joy. Which scenario would you choose for yourself, your family, and your guests when they're in your home?

And it doesn't stop there; the way you choose to decorate your home can make or break your mood as well. Things like choosing paint colors that make you happy, decorating with pictures of your beautiful family (and pets!), and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy—they all add up pretty quickly! There are so many ways to decorate your home for maximum happiness.

We have found 21 easy ways that you can use to brighten up your home while also vastly improving your mood (and your family's and guests' moods too!) and reaching peak happiness!

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