A grill set up with helpful gadgets and accessories

3 Essential Gadgets Necessary to Be a Grill Master

A grill, much like a desk or a work bench, is where a man goes to get serious work done, and to do good work, you need the right tools. After starting with a nice set of tongs and a spatula, you’ll need a few other things to get cooking.

Let There Be Lighters

Unless you’re using an electric grill, you’re going to need a way get it started. This means buying a good grill lighter. Just a tip: get a backup as well. When your first one runs out of fluid, you’ll wish you had another, because lighting a grill with matches or a cigarette lighter is a pain. If you’re cooking with a charcoal or wood grill and want an alternative to lighter fluid, consider purchasing a Looflighter. The Looflighter is an electric wand that generates super-heated air and will have a pile of wood or charcoal aflame in under a minute. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to be within nine feet of an outlet to use this gadget.

Say No to Overcooked Food

Once your food is cooking, it’s nice to have a good thermometer to check the temperature. Keeping an eye on the temperature of your meal is the best way to ensure that it turns out tasty. A standard kitchen cooking thermometer will work for most items, but there are several higher-tech options. It goes without saying that the Maverick ET-733 is Cadillac of meat thermometers. This model offers a ton of features that will make any cook feel confident that they won’t be burning or undercooking a thing. By selecting the type of meat and degree to which you want it cooked, a preprogrammed temperature is set in. You can be up to 300 feet away (Inside grabbing a drink or otherwise relaxing) and receive an alert when your meat reaches the set temperature. You will also be alerted if you happen to leave the range of the wireless signal.

Be a Grill Germ-a-Phobe

You have to be able to clean your grill if you want to cook food on it. A grill brush is the clear answer to this problem, but if you like gadgets, consider the GrillBot, the Roomba’s grill-cleaning cousin. A GrillBot is exactly what it sounds like: A robot for your grill. By turning it on and closing the grill on top of it, you can step away and let your magical grill-cleaning robot do its work. While it isn’t as practical or inexpensive as using your standard grill brush, it is infinitely more interesting, and serves as a cool conversation piece too.  “Oh that noise? Yeah, that’s my robot. It’s getting the grill ready.”

Last Updated: May 22, 2015