A child repairing a dangerous appliance

3 Times You Should Rely On Your Warranty Instead of Repairing It Yourself

Being a handy man comes with the benefits of understanding how your appliances and electronics work,receiving a longer life out of your purchases, and saving money. However, repairs don’t just involve understanding how an appliance works, but also risking your own life or health. There are some devices out there that are dangerous to handle on your own, and it’d be better to let the warranty take over.

  1. Microwaves

    All microwaves have a device in them called a capacitor, which will often retain a ton of power, even after the microwave itself has been completely disconnected from an outlet. This power is enough to fatally shock anyone who touches it, which is why it’s very dangerous for anyone to mess with it, including the professionals. If you find that your microwave isn’t heating very well or is no longer working at all, try taking a look at its warranty. Check if it’s still covered, and if so, what remedies it offers. Some warranties might send a repairman out to fix the device, while others may allow you to return it to the store for a new model. Even if your microwave is no longer covered, it may be better to simply replace the unit entirely rather than risk electrocution by opening it up and repairing it yourself.

  2. Refrigerators

    Like microwaves, refrigerators also have a dangerous capacitor that’s housed right inside the unit itself. In addition to that, some of the warranties on refrigerators will actually tell you to not attempt to repair the fridge itself, as doing so will void the warranty. If you find that your refrigerator isn’t keeping temperature like it used to or has a burning smell coming from within it (which could indicate wires that have shorted out) always check the warranty first to see if they’ll cover a repairman or if you’re entitled to a brand new fridge. It’s always best to get a new fridge, as it’s common for cold-resistant mold and bacteria to grow inside of them, particularly if you have an icemaker, which can lead to harmful effects.

  3. Air Conditioning Units

    While refrigerators and microwaves have some dangers involved with the capacitor, air conditioning units can be an entirely different beast. If you haven’t repaired one in the past, it’ll often take a ton of time learning what needs to be done properly to the AC unit, and it is also dangerous in its own way, as there are harmful toxins that are used in the AC. The learning curve of AC repair is rather high when compared to other machines or appliances, and attempting to repair it on your own could cause it to be permanently damaged and result in a voided warranty. Luckily, the warranties on ACs are usually rather long, so always contact the manufacturer first before attempting to repair it on your own.

Last Updated: May 23, 2017