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30 Ideas for Getting Your Home Fall-Ready

Decorate Your Mantel with Leaf Garland

Fall-colored foliage isn’t just for the outside of your home. Add warm autumnal hues to your living room as well by decorating your mantel with leaf garland, fall florals, and brass accents.

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Add Fall Accent Pillows

Adding seasonal throw pillows to your living room and bedrooms is a subtle way to transition your home from summer to fall. The introduction of new patterns and textures will warm up your space. Experiment with velvet, knit, and faux fur.

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Reprogram Your Thermostat

Cold weather is on the way, which means you’ll be tempted to turn up the heat (literally). Use a programmable thermostat to cut the cost of your energy bills. By bumping your thermostat down a few degrees during the night and while you’re away during the day, you can save money!

Burn Fall-Scented Candles

The easiest way to transform your home for fall is to stock up on fall aromas. Pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, vanilla, and cedar fragrances are must-have scents to get you in the mood for the upcoming seasonal festivities. Purchase candles, mists, oils, or incense to make your home more inviting this autumn.

Buy Mums for Your Front Porch

Mums are a necessity during the fall season. Their autumnal shades decorate outdoor spaces with ease. They’re sun-loving plants that require little maintenance—which is why they’re so popular. Place them inside a hollow pumpkin, a wicker basket, or a silver planter to fulfill your front porch dreams.

Break Out the Humidifier

It’s officially time to trade your dehumidifier for a humidifier. The cold, harsh air of fall and winter can affect your home and your health. The use of a humidifier will prevent sickness, alleviate allergies, and diminish damage to wood furniture.

Display Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins and gourds are in season—and they’ve inspired many fall arrangements. Whether you use them as garland, planters, tablescape decorations, or centerpieces, they will be a beautiful addition to your autumnal atmosphere.

Switch to Warmer Bedding

The beginning of fall is the perfect time to wash your summer bedding and store it away for the remainder of the year. Replace cotton or linen sheets with flannel sheets and trade thin quilts and blankets for duvets and comforters. If you want to be even more cozy, add extra layers to your bedding—heated blankets and mattress pads if you’re cold-natured!

Hang a Wreath on Your Front Door

It’s a new season, which means it’s time to swap the summery florals on your front door for fall foliage. Autumn leaves, fresh sage, corn husks, and pumpkins are different supplies that can be used to create the prettiest of fall wreaths. So whether you prefer to DIY your own or purchase one from a homestore, there are many options to take your front door from summer to fall!

Set Your Table for Fall

Autumn tablescapes can transform your kitchen and dining area for fall. Even if you don’t plan on hosting a festive dinner party, fall tableware can still be used as decoration. With the help of patterned table linens, pretty dishes, fresh flowers, and fragrance-free candles, your table will be dressed to impress.

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Put Away Seasonal Furniture

Outdoor living spaces are perfect for warm weather, but when it becomes too cold to enjoy your patio or deck, you’ll need to properly maintain and store your outdoor furniture. Clean and make needed repairs to tables and chairs before relocating them to a storage shed or garage for the colder months! When spring rolls around, your outdoor furniture will be ready to use!

Add a Fire Pit to Your Backyard

There’s nothing better than crisp autumn evenings by the fire. The chilly air is offset by the warm flames, which makes even the coldest of nights seem bearable. Adding a firepit to your backyard will allow you to enjoy the fall temperatures. Grab a blanket and snuggle up beside the fire!

Declutter Your Closet

Spring cleaning is great, but have you ever thought about decluttering in the fall? It’s likely you’re already rearranging your closet so you have easy access to your favorite fall staples—so why not declutter in the process? It’s the perfect time to purge all of the clothes and shoes you no longer wear.

Frame Kids’ Artwork

If you have young children or grandchildren, they’re most likely creating fall-themed crafts in class. When they bring home their creations, display them in your home! They’ll be excited to see their artwork proudly hanging on your walls and you’ll enjoy your new homemade fall decor.

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Bring Plants Indoors

When the temperature drops below 50 degrees (F), it’s time to bring your houseplants indoors. They don’t adjust well to sudden changes in temperature and humidity, which is why they need to be relocated during the cooler months. This is also an excuse to debug and repot plants that have acquired unwanted pests and grown over the summer.

Pile on the Cozy Blankets

You’ve finally cooled down after a summer of heat and humidity—and chances are you’re ready to snuggle up on the couch with blankets and a hot beverage. Mix and match textures and prints by layering blankets on couches, chairs, and beds. Knits, flannels, plaids, and sherpa blankets will keep you warm and cozy this fall!

DIY a Chalkboard Sign

This DIY is versatile. Your chalkboard sign can welcome guests to your home, express your gratitude during the holiday season, or illustrate your go-to fall drink or dinner recipe. Regardless of what you use your chalkboard for, it can be added to your collection of fall decor.

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Decorate Your Front Porch

Decorating the exterior of your home is just as important as decorating the interior. And because the front porch is the first thing your guests will see when they come to visit, it should exemplify your fall feng shui! Cozy quilts, carved pumpkins, and colorful foliage will give your porch the autumn makeover it deserves.

Utilize Wicker Baskets

Use wicker baskets to dress up your home for fall. By filling them with pumpkins and gourds, colorful fall florals, or comfy blankets, you will transform an ordinary household item into a gorgeous fall decoration!

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Add Earth Tone Accents

It’s completely okay to be opposed to the bright oranges and yellows that traditionally accompany fall decor. Instead, filter in earth tone accents. Deep greens, grayish blues, burgendies, and plums are other fall-inspired hues that will transition your home for the cooler weather.

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Layer Rugs

If you’re searching for an easy solution to fall decorating, just add rugs. Bold prints and vibrant hues will add depth to your home. Layer rugs over one another for extra dimension and warmth!

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Weatherproof Windows and Doors

Your home is the place you go to escape the cold weather, which is why it’s important to weatherproof your windows and doors before fall arrives. You can prevent drafts by purchasing weatherstrips, insulated curtains, and door draft stoppers. These are easy, affordable, and effective ways to keep out the chill.

Purchase a New Door Mat

Door mats are easily worn out. While you’re revamping your entryway, replace yours with a new rug. It’ll refresh your front porch and update the exterior of your home. Bonus points if your purchase a fall-themed door mat!

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Add a Coat Rack to the Entryway

Colder weather requires extra layers of clothing. Coats, jackets, scarves, and hats are worn regularly to protect you from freezing temperatures and inclement weather. But when you get home, where do you toss these items? Adding a standing or mounted coat rack to your entryway will provide a designated space for your winter gear.

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Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

During the summer months, your ceiling fans run counterclockwise in order to cool your home. But in the winter, you should reverse your fans so they will warm your home. The angled blades will draw cool air up and push warm air down—saving energy (and money).

Cover Mason Jars With Burlap

If you’re feeling crafty this fall, buy a roll of burlap ribbon. The woven fabric will give your home a rustic look, which is perfect for fall-enthusiasts. While there are many ways to use burlap this season, an easy DIY activity is to cover a mason jar in burlap, fill it with fall florals, and display it in your home.

Test Home Safety Devices

A new season is a great time to make sure your home safety devices are up-to-date and working properly. Checking smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices is easy and worth the time—especially because cold weather increases use of heaters, fireplaces, and candles.

Deck Out the Bar Cart

If you plan to have a get-together with friends and family this fall, decorate your bar cart according to the season. Candles, pumpkins, and bright floral arrangements will complement your copper Moscow mule mugs and brown ales.

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Utilize Lighting Tricks

When fall arrives, lighting can be changed to update your space. Trading neutral lampshades for darker hues, highlighting key areas of your rooms, and utilizing floor lamps will prepare your home for fall. Softer lights and candle-lit flames will also create contrast.

Service Summer Power Equipment

Winterizing your lawn mower before storing it for the colder months will increase its longevity. After you trim your yard for the final time, either empty the gas out of the tank or use fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from degrading. If you own a lawn tractor, remove the battery and bring it indoors. Then clean filters, sharpen blades, and wipe over your mower.