30 Places Dirt is Hiding in Your Home

30 Places Dirt is Hiding in Your Home. Dirt is hiding in your home! Sorry, don't panic. We just wanted to give you a sense of urgency that we feel is necessary for cleaning. From your ceiling fans to your baseboards…Dirt. Is. Everywhere. Gross, right? We agree. Dirt is necessary, but that doesn't mean it needs to accumulate like it does. It’s hiding in the most unlikely places, practically taunting you with its griminess. It seems like no matter how much you clean, there's never a shortage of dirt that seems to magically appear from nowhere in your home. You've got to cut it off at the source to really get your place clean! 

And if you're not careful, it might also be making you and your family sick. Dirt and bacteria go hand in hand, which means that it's not just making your house look less than stellar—it could be putting you in real danger too. Trust us, there's no shortage of reasons why your home should be an oasis away from the dirt and grime of the world outside. 

If you're ready to take back your home and create the pristine oasis it should be, we've got the list for you! We'll walk you through all the overlooked places that dirt and dust like to gather. And be prepared to be surprised—you'll be downright shocked at some of the places dirt likes to hang out in your home. So break out the vacuum and get ready to clean these 30 spots!

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