34 Home Decor Trends That Will Rule 2019

34 Home Decor Trends That Will Rule 2019. We all know that fashion changes all the time. It seems like every season (sometimes mid-season), designers are suggesting that you stop wearing something and wear the new thing instead. Well, home décor sort of does the same thing. Furniture, paint, and everything involved with home décor goes through periods where it's either "in" or "out."

The biggest difference is that between the two, home décor trends don’t always change as often. There are yearly things that do change, but no one expects you to redecorate your entire home four times a year. Even the yearly changes are pretty small, and it usually includes a fresh coat of paint or new accent items to complement your already beautiful home.

Then there are five- and ten-year trends. These are trends that last a bit longer and usually include changes to counter tops, furniture, and other permanent things that cost major money. Today, we’re going over some things that home décor experts are suggesting and already seeing in homes. Thankfully, these trends aren’t as hit and miss as they would be with models that walk across the runway.

For 2019, there’s a whole slew of new trends that you’ll want to add to your home, and you’re sure to see them in other people’s homes! What do you think about the new trends for the year? We’re happy to see natural elements come back.

However, we want to stress that you should be happy with your home regardless of trends. If you love something that’s not on the list—don’t worry! Happiness is always in style. 

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