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34 Home Decor Trends That Will Rule 2019

Hand Drawn Prints and Patterns

There’s just something about hand-drawn art. It doesn’t matter if it’s calligraphy or sketches, some art added to your walls is just what you need. Since wallpaper is coming back into fashion again, particularly in limited quantities or on accent walls, it's an easy way to try out a hand-drawn print.

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Bar Carts

Bar carts started to pick up at the end of 2018, and they’re going to carry into the new year. Nothing says entertaining more than a bar cart filled with mixing cocktails. If you’re not the drinker, you can also store glassware and decorate with old wine bottles.

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Natural Wood Details

Dark, natural wood will add a cozy element to homes. Whether it's furniture, ceilings, accent walls, or small items, go for wood in natural hues.

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Minimalism will take 2019 by storm, especially in the kitchen. This trend is designed to help open up the kitchen (or any other room) and give the illusion of a bigger place. Minimalism also encourages a clean look, which is what everyone wants in their kitchen.

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Art Gallery Walls

The art gallery wall is back! Whether you choose to make a statement with a whole wall or just a portion of one, this is your green light to do so. 

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Statement Ceilings

Go wild with your ceiling! No, really! Instead of a plain ceiling (or god forbid a popcorn ceiling), put a design up there. You can go with something geometric or even use it as an accent wall by painting it a bright color while your walls are neutral shades. 

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Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns of all sorts will be a fun way to change things up in your home. You can choose to make an accent wall, or you can opt for pillows and throw blankets.

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Beige and Brown

Good news for those who like a neutral palette: gray is done and beige and brown are in. Finally, right?

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Metallic Touches

Bronze, copper, brass—metallic touches of all kinds are in. You can do this with fabric, artwork, and knick-knacks.

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Tile Patterns on Walls

Tile patterns on walls, as accents in larger rooms or all over in smaller ones, are going to be a hit this year. You can do this affordably with stencils and wallpaper.

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Tribal Patterns

Tribal patterns are definitely an easy trend for 2019. Throw pillows, comforters, and artwork depicting tribal patterns are your best bet.

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Living Herbs

In the kitchen, interior designers are seeing that living herbs are increasing substantially. Things like basil, bay leaves, chives, cilantro, and dill are all fairly easy to grow in your kitchen. Not to mention, you’ll have easy access to the herbs for delicious cooking!

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Art Deco

Art Deco hasn’t been very popular for a while now, and it’s been patiently waiting. This style uses geometric shapes and strong colors to create a distinctive look. Considering how much we love The Great Gatsby, we’re totally down for this trend.

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Hygge is the Danish and Norwegian word for being comfy and cozy. It’s the ideal vibe you want during winter, but hygge is going to be popular in interior decorating all year.

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Mixing Glass, Wood, and Stone

Many interior designers suggested that you pick glass, wood, or stone, but you should never mix them! Well, trends are changing, and now, we’re being encouraged to mix these materials. That’s because 2019 is all about the natural.

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Apricot and Peach

Apricot and peach are stunning shades, but the pinky and orangey tones have fallen to the wayside recently. For 2019, interior designers encourage people to embrace these two shades. Not necessarily together, but no one would blame you if you did!

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Sage Green and Rose-Beige

Sage green and rose-beige is a color palette that’s been popular in weddings, and it’s beginning to spill into home décor. The pastel shades perfectly compliment other trends that are on the list, like natural plants. 

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Wall Hangings

Gallery walls not your thing? You can also go for wall hangings. It doesn’t have to be bohemian rugs. We get how these can clash with several décor choices. You can go for hanging macramé, needlepoint, crochet, or larger paintings!

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Sustainable Materials

This year is the year of sustainability. Using natural and “green” materials will make your home eco-friendly and may also give you a little pep in your step. Use items made from things like bamboo, wood, and rock.

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Marble-Like Surfaces

We aren’t saying you need to go out and buy brand new countertops. That would be far too expensive. Instead, you can get laminate flooring or wallpaper that mimic the marble appearance. You can get cheeseboards and other accessories that look marble to accent your rooms!

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Smooth, Matte Finishes

Matte has been huge these last few years, and it’s making its way into home décor. Among matte colors, black is actually creating a huge storm. Regardless of the colors you choose, give smooth mattes a shot!

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Fun Accents

Don’t hide who you are! It’s your home, and you should express your personality. If you love books, you can make shelving out of old hardbacks. For those that love knitting, put your art all over the place. At the end of the day, you should be happy with your home.

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We want a home with curves! Well, not literally, but there’s a time a place for boxy—it just isn’t now! Curvy items like mirrors, picture frames, and even couches are popping up much more often. Pull out that weirdly shaped mirror and hang it on the wall.

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Real Plants

Embrace nature around your home. Real plants can be great design elements that brighten the home and add a little oomph! They go especially great in corners or blank spaces that wouldn’t really fit a traditional piece of furniture.

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Terrazzo Walls

We haven’t seen terrazzo walls since the 80s, but they’re making a huge return. If you’re not the type to go with massive terrazzo walls, you can go with lampshades, tables, or smaller items like paintings to get the terrazzo look.

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Black Walls

Black on the wall? That’s new. Interior designers are seeing an increase in black walls rather than the typical neutral. If that feels a little daring, black furniture is always a great secondary option.

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Smart Mirrors

Mirrors need to do more than one thing in the smart age. Now, you can get mirrors that tell you the weather, the time, and even some that function as mini-computers! Talk about convenience.

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Multifunctional, Compact Furniture

This 2019 trend is huge for anyone with a small apartment. Furniture should do more than one thing, or so says the experts. Buying brand new furniture for your home may not be in your budget, but if you’re already picking some up, grab a chair that can be a table or a desk that folds up!

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Saturated Reds

Red was huge on the runway, and interior decorators are running with it. Intense red colors can be used on an accent wall or just a few accessories around your home to really give it some pop!

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Lots of Lighting

It’s time to stop sitting in the dark. Adding more lighting is a huge trend for 2019, and that may mean picking up a few more lamps. An easy way to add more lighting is to simply take down darker curtains and hang sheer ones in its place.

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Entryway Benches

Entryway benches are blowing up all over social media. They give you the chance to reflect your style, and they can even be used to inspire the rest of your home. Not to mention, they scream hygge, the Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness.

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Staircase Makeovers

Did you know that you can makeover your staircase? It’s becoming huge on Pinterest, and there are so many great options that give you the chance to reflect your personality. The amount of work depends on you, meaning you can completely redo the stairs or just add a carpet.

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Eucalyptus Wreaths

Out with regular old wreaths—it’s time for something new! Eucalyptus wreaths are a stunning accent that really turns your home into a festive place. Even if it isn’t the holidays, this lovely plant is a great addition to your home. It even makes your place smell amazing!

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Dark Green Living Rooms

Dark green living rooms are jumping off the natural look. If you don’t want to have live plants in your home, you can paint your living room dark green. We suggest going with an accent wall to really make the color pop.

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