4 Unique DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Tackling the responsibility of do-it-yourself projects for outdoor furniture involves some elbow grease, time, and creativity. But it can certainly save you some money. If you have a backyard, porch, or deck to furnish, consider some of these creative and relatively inexpensive ways to complete the task.

  1. Crate Bench Seating

    Crates are a great option for DIY seating and can be found at any recycling center or junk yard. They can be bought as well, but try to see if they are available for free (or at a great discount) first. Sand and paint the crates. Using bolts, attach the crates to wooden boards at the top and bottom. Add wooden legs to the bottom as well. This crate bench seating is great because not only is it functional for seating, but it can be used for storage as well.

  2. Tire Ottoman

    It is great to have a place to sit. It is even better to have a place to rest those aching feet. With the use of a simple tire and some rope, you can make a beautiful ottoman. Tires can be found at any used tire store or manufacturer. When tires don't meet the standards, they can't be sold so you can find them at a discounted price. A junk yard is also another great place to find a tire.

    After the tire has been cleaned and prepped for use, coat the tire with contact cement. Wrap the rope carefully around the entire top and bottom. There should be no holes when the project is completed. Now you have a rugged and attractive outdoor ottoman you don’t have worry about being destroyed in the weather.

  3. Glass Bottle Divider

    Instead of purchasing curtains to close off an outdoor lounging area, get creative with old glass bottles. Simply save glass bottles after using them. Ask the neighbors to donate their glass bottles. Before long, you will have enough to create a wall. Use a simple drill bit to drill holes in the bottom of the bottles and string them on sturdy ropes. Hang the ropes from the ceiling and secure them to the ground so they don’t sway and break in the wind.

  4. Hanging Chandelier

    Even though it’s an outdoor space, you still need lighting when the sun goes down. Use mason jars to hold candles for ambient lighting. Mason jars are inexpensive, easy to clean, and protect the flame of the candle from the wind. You can place mason jars on tables or even hand them from the ceiling using rope or wire.