40 Dollar Store Hacks for Organization and Decor

40 Dollar Store Hacks for Organization and Décor. When people are decorating their homes, most of them go to specialty stores to find exactly what they need. Those same people may pay a ridiculous amount of money to get something that could have been made for less. Sure, it’s easier just to buy something and put it in your home, but what if you could make it for a fraction of the cost?

Most people don’t think about going to the dollar store when decorating or organizing. The dollar store has this reputation for being cheap and sometimes a little trashy, but it’s so much more than that. The dollar store has some great gems if you dig a little. Not to mention, you can get a bit creative and make something amazing for a few bucks.

We are huge fans of the dollar store, so we decided to share what we know. This list of dollar store hacks will help you create chic décor. Plus, we also have some organization hacks that’ll make everything in your home easier to find, meaning you’ll have even more time for DIY! Everything works out, doesn’t it?

Today we're going to list hacks we’ve learned about so that you can DIY your own wall decor, upgrade everyday items around your home (like laundry bins), and help you put everything in its right place. Let us know about any hacks you’ve learned along the way. What do you love most about your local dollar store?

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