40 Tacky Kitchen Decor Mistakes

40 Tacky Kitchen Decor Mistakes. Tacky kitchens are all fun and games until you're the one who's staring down a ceramic chicken every morning while you wait for your coffee.  While there is no shortage of amazing kitchen styles and trends out there, there are even more that will make your home look like an interior design nightmare. Sometimes it's because you're doing something everyone did because it was trendy (and now it's totally lame), while other times, it was never trendy to begin with.

In this slideshow, we're taking a look at all the many don'ts of decorating a kitchen. From obnoxious colors to dated styles to immature decor, these tacky trends are sure to get guests whispering behind your back at your next dinner party. God forbid one of your friends has a job as an interior decorator!

And sure, you're supposed to let your style reflect your personality and decorate for maximum happiness and all that. But trust me, no one is happy in the presence of your dual kitchen chandeliers and linoleum flooring. Here are the 40 tacky kitchen decor mistakes to avoid! We took advice from interior design experts to learn what not to do, even if plastic fruit and ferns were the thing ages ago. Let's be honest, they're not now. They're tacky and need to go. 

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