40 Tacky Living Room Mistakes

Living rooms are the best part of any house. They’re where you spend time with friends, build memories with family members, and shamelessly eat gallons of ice cream while binge-watching Netflix’s new hit show. Since you’re spending so much time in them, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting some thought into how you decorate. It should reflect you. It’s got to be personal and unique. You want it to be comfy and worth spending time in. And you definitely don’t want to have to re-decorate your living room every few years (cause that’s just expensive and tedious). If you want your living room to find that balance of personal, comfy, and lasting, you’ll have to make sure that you’re not too tacky. (Unless tacky is your thing. If so, more power to you.)

Being tacky can be fun, but you’ve got to find that balance between fun and longevity. You’ve got to do just enough to feel like it really belongs to you. We’ve pulled together a list of some tacky things that too many people have done to their living rooms. It’s okay (sometimes) to have one or two, but just remember, they are tacky. Have some fun with them and decorate accordingly.

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